The Importance of Technology in Education

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importance of technology to education

Education is one of the first and most important steps to any country’s development, and in Ghana’s case it is even more important. Technology on the other hand, is becoming one of the main aspects that determines professional qualities, and here are some reasons of why:

It allows collaboration 

Both teachers and students can collaborate by sharing ideas and resources online through their technological devices. They can do it across the world, turning their teaching and learning international, which is very important nowadays. Also, both teachers and students can join online communities to share materials and lectures or even find new solutions to problems.

It makes the learning process easier 

It is proven that technology devices have a great effect on learning, since in some occasions they include software and applications that interact with the user. Its price is no longer an issue, since there are some models that are not costly, but because in Ghana they can also be found second hand in classifieds sites like this one, pawn shops and such. Computers, smartphones and tablets engage and challenge students more than with traditional methods, plus it’s a lot more comfortable in terms of space and weight.

Access to more material 

Internet and technology allows both students and teachers to access a lot more material that can be found with a simple click! Indeed, there is plenty of very useful websites that can be used in education to expand knowledge and discover new ways of teaching and learning. Some important science magazines and online sites require schools and universities to register in order to have access to the information they have, so this is another important aspect of technology.


It makes education more flexible 

Especially when we talk about higher education, such as university, technology allows students to attend classes online, which means they can manage their studies in a more independent way while, for example, working. In fact, thanks to technology, there are many distance learning universities that offer online courses and just require students to be present during exams.
It makes life easier and cheaper 

Indeed, technology allows for storage; a lot of documents and information all in one device. This does not only reduce the amount of weight that students have to carry around with them, but it also saves a lot of paper and, in general, school material. And we are not just talking about books, but also notebooks, photocopies and printed material. This also allows people and public structures to save money that can be invested in more useful things.

Thanks to technology Ghana’s growth has been constant over the past couple of decades; some economists have even called it a miraculous success of the country. Thus, it’s not surprising that the role technology is playing in education is essential.

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