Student Resources

Are you a student in high school or university interested in discovering every key student resources on LarnEdu? Then you’re in the right place. This page contains links to our essential student resources to help students — irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds — in their quest to self-actualisation through education. This is in an accordance with our vision and mission.

Exam Prep and University Applications

These sections contain links our essential student resources from lecture notes, past questions, etc.

  • WASSCE Resources: This page contains essential information about the WASSCE and links to our popular and important WASSCE resources for students wishing to prepare for the exam)
  • SAT Resources: Our SAT resources page contains enough information to help international students prepare to ace the SAT.

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Study Abroad, Scholarships, Grants And Competition

Do you plan to study abroad? Learn more about the procedures and essential documents you need to gain admission or scholarships to foreign universities,  through some links in this section.

This section also includes links to information about various grants and competition available for students around the world.

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Internships, Placements, And Career Advice

Have you recently graduated from school with no idea where to begin your career? Or are you a student searching for industrial placement? Then this section is for you.

It often confuses many graduates where they want to begin their career or if they should switch careers because of the problem of unemployment in their chosen field of study. This section contains links to various contents that will provide you with tips on choosing a career and career progression.

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