The Average SAT Score For Every Major

Although an increasing number of US schools prefer to place more value on a student’s High school records, SAT scores still play a role in the admission process. This is because SAT scores generally puts your application into perceptive for the admission officers. They serve as a way to compare you with other students in the discipline you are applying for. Why else do you think some parents pay thousands of dollars for SAT-prep tutorials for their children? The answer is simple: They want their children to be admitted into good schools and probably with full or some financial aid.

The college Board, an organization which administers the SAT has released a tabled report of the average SAT Score for every prospective major.


Here is the report:


As you can see from the table, Mathematics and Statistics, Social Sciences, English languages, Literature/letter, Foreign Languages, Literature, and Linguistics, came out ahead of majors like Engineering.

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Giovanni O.C Olakunori

Giovanni is an entrepreneur at heart with a lifelong desire to be of valuable service. He started LarnEDU—during his teens— over 6 years ago as a way to provide free educational resources for students from West African Anglophone countries. LarnEDU's focus expanded over the years and today the website has served millions of visitors from over 90 countries across 5 continents and has become a hub to encourage learning. His hobbies include weight training, running python codes, visiting nature, and creating content for the web on areas relating to fitness, enterprise, philosophy and education. Feel free to read more about his story here and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

4 Responses

  1. Baffour Asante Yaw says:

    I want to pass the wassce

  2. SAMUEL OSEI says:

    I’m MR SAMUEL Osei , A travel agent in Ghana.
    I completed SHS IN YEAR 2014 and started working as a Travel Agent in the same year..
    I didn’t do well in my WASSCE exam, But all my life I wish to study at abroad during my University education…
    I need help in how and where or who’s eligible to write the SAT exam ..
    I would be very glad my request is giving kindest and earliest consideration…


    • Giovanni says:

      Hi Samuel Osei. Anyone is eligible to write the SAT in Ghana once you’ve registered…Since you didn’t do well on the WASSCE, you may need your High school transcript in addition to your SAT 1 or SAT 2 (SAT Reasoning Test) depending on the course you want to study.

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