7 Excellent Tips To Relax In The Examination Hall

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Exams are always a nightmare for most students. As they approach the exam hall, their heartbeat rises, throat dries, their whole body begins to shiver and what not. They see exam halls as dungeons where they are imprisoned for some hours and are analysed by invigilators. Understand the fact that exams are just to assess your preparations and so there is no need to get all tensed or nervous.

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Here are tips that can keep you relaxed in an examination hall:


This is the foremost thing which a student should follow while going into the examination hall. Be punctual and reach the hall at least five to ten minutes before the invigilator enters the hall. Being unpunctual is always a bad remark on you, and the invigilator naturally can have a bad impression on you. Punctuality can always enhance your time management. Adding to that, reaching a bit early at the examination center can pave way to discuss some questions and answers with your friends.

Stay Relaxed

Stay relaxed as you enter the hall. There is nothing to be worried about and take deep breaths while in the hall. Keep your mind and body relaxed while you take your breath. Think in mind that you will do your best in the exam. Keep your mind fresh. It is a fact that if you aren’t well prepared you cannot do your best and your mind would accept it. If you have really worked hard, there’s nothing that can stop you from attaining good grades. Try to revise important points and if you feel you have forgotten some points do not put too much pressure on yourself. Do not panic, just relax and don’t get too worried about the forgotten points. There is always a chance of remembering things when you start writing.

Stay Organised

A student should always be organised. You should carry all those things needed for exam such as pens, pencils, erasers, scale, calculator, geometrical box etc. Carefully keep your identity card, hall tickets, and other mandatory documents or materials, inside the bag, the previous day itself. Last-minute searching for things can stress your mind more and create panic during the exam which can be disastrous. After you enter the examination hall, keep all needed things on your desk so that there is no need of last-minute hurry burry.


Once you get the question paper in hand, carefully read all the questions. After reading, carefully plan your time and start writing. Mark the question for which you know correct answers and attempt them first. By attempting these questions, you can actually build confidence. One more important matter to be mentioned here is, if you do not know the answer to a particular question, do not waste time thinking on it, rather move on to other questions. Never curse yourself for not knowing the answer. This will discourage you from attempting other questions.

Paying Attention

A student while in an exam hall should always be paying attention to self. Do not be bothered about what others are writing or doing. Don’t get interrupted by your peers while writing your exams. Don’t panic if you notice other students writing very hurriedly or handing in their tests early. Mind your time, take your time, and don’t get worried about speed. Do not attempt to cheat on test. This can even lead to disqualifying you from writing further.

Open Up

Ask for additional sheets when needed. Do not bother what others think of you. If you are writing really well, it’s vivid that you will need additional papers. There are chances that due to some or the other reason, you may get tired of writing and you will feel pain in your hands and fingers and you will go thirsty too. Ask invigilator the permission to drink water and give your hands some finger exercise which can give a relief to the pain in your hands. And don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.


Last but not the least; check all your answers before submitting. The last 15-20 minutes should be meant to crosscheck your answers. Recheck every answer with patience and make the necessary corrections. There are also chances you have left out a question or two by mistake. Your careless mistake can miss high marks and grades. Attempt that too and submit the paper.

These are some of the tips which you can follow while in the examination hall. Always stay out of your nervousness as it can lead you to forget things which you have learnt. Always stay positive and believe you can do it, and see how success works in your life ahead.

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