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Not every person has the same upbringing,  talents, skills, hunger, learning abilities or view on the world. However, one thing that is most common among every individual irrespective of their experiences or abilities is a potential to improve.  LarnEdu was born out of an obsessive desire to inspire and support the maximisation of the potential for lifelong learning in every individual.  We believe the spirit of lifelong learning matters in the quest for self-actualisation through education.

Since 2013, the site has grown from mainly serving students from Anglophone West African countries to serve thousands of users from all walks of life and across Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Whether you’re looking for knowledge or enlightenment from best-selling thought-provoking books, information relating to applying to top universities around the world and more, you’re in the right place.

Our Story

Once upon a time Giovanni Olakunori was born to a “middle class” West African family to parents who were both educated in the fields of Industrial Physics and Business. His parents held important positions in a church that believed having things like television or computers at home was an easy passport to committing a “sin” especially when kids are in the picture. With almost no toys to keep him stimulated and an inquisitive mind, he formed a habit of playing with his pets in his garden which ranged from pigeons to snails, exercising or disobeying his mum’s instructions by spending hours away from home with his friends or using his snack money to pay for browsing time in Cyber Cafes (which was how he got involved with computers and the internet). This usually lead to punishments from his mum who was a strict and religiously motivated disciplinarian.

After his dad passed away his mum—who struggled financially to take care of her 5 children—changed her perspective on technology and even got him his first laptop. As a teen, he wanted to create a site to provide free actionable resources to help other students like himself wishing to proceed to higher institutions in West Africa or abroad. After sleepless nights, and a series of trial and error, LarnEdu.com was born (registered) on the 26th of December 2012 and hosted with about $100 which he received from his mum.

Over the years, Giovanni published resources and applied inbound marketing strategies that helped the site grow from about 300 visitors per month to over 50,000 unique visitors from over 90 countries. These resources included some of the best information on preparing for the WASSCE, SAT and more.  He even posted interviews he conducted with people such as Shree Bose, the first ever Google Science Fair winner, Harvard graduate and Piper cofounder.

After living in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Cyprus, he moved the UK to study Mechanical Engineering and Management at the University of Edinburgh where he got recognised with the Launch.Ed Award, Innovation Initiative Grant and more. He stopped focusing on his duty at LarnEdu until he faced an issue that saw him withdraw from the University of Edinburgh because of an issue with his funding which according to him was the best thing that happened to him.

Today, he mostly spends his time studying for a distance learning degree in Mathematical Sciences and Economics, leading his small business team, developing his programming skills and lifting heavy weights in his room or the gym.

He usually starts his day by making his bed, stretching, exercising, meditating, playing chess and learning something new.

Giovanni — through the influence of the ancient works of Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus — advocate for rationality and being the best one can be no matter the daily struggles of life as opposed to choosing the easy option of following ideology or looking for a way to lash out at the world for being unfair.

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To proactively invest in the human capital and encourage economic inclusion by inspiring and supporting individuals (especially in Sub-Saharan Africa) in their quest to self-actualisation through education.


To inspire and support lifelong learning among students and non-students (especially in Sub-Saharan Africa) by working 24/7 to provide valuable content on a variety of topics for free. To launch services that bring value to the consumer and to reinvest a majority of the revenue generated from our services or contents to support our vision.


  • To bring more value to the user without no expectation
  • To put clients first before profits
  • To support projects in line with our mission and vision
  • To adapt with the changing trends

Types Of Contents Or Resources On LarnEdu

Nonfiction Book Insights

Have you ever wanted to read five books a day? Now, this is possible. We summarise the best ideas from best-selling non-fiction books and provide it to you for free.

By doing so, we help people discover great books from some of the most brilliant minds — whom might be hard to meet in real life — or learn on the go.

Become a knowledge machine by visiting our book insights page.

Student Resources

LarnEdu has not drifted from its initial focus, which is about making useful educational materials accessible to all students at no cost. From resources relating to the SAT written in over 50 countries, WASSCE written in West Africa, free online courses administered by the world’s top institutions, to the lecture notes from the world’s top universities, there is something for all.

Other Learning Resources

We offer content in other areas relating to skill acquisition, small business and more.

Premium Services

In 2019, we decided to start offering a range of very affordable and helpful paid services to students from Anglophone West Africa who wish to proceed to higher institutions or apply for jobs.

The Team

We’re a team of about 10 members keeping the LarnEdu dream alive.

Have questions or suggestions? Contact us.

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