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In a world filled with so much noise, Larnedu’s aim is to purposefully equip people with the right knowledge and skill, to have a successful/fulfilled lives irrespective of their qualification, location or resources. Hence the name “Larnedu”, meaning learning through education.
Larnedu was originally focused on students and professionals from Anglophone African countries. But today, Larnedu has grown beyond that, and usually receives over 50,000 unique visitors from over 120 countries on a good month and have provided a platform for various successful professionals around the world to share valuable content.


Giovanni Olakunori registered larnedu.com on the 26th of December 2012, a few months after graduating High school. He wanted to build a site that’ll provide valid and valuable information to high school students from Africa wishing to study abroad, and to college students as well as college graduates and those who are not able to afford a brick and mortar institution.

Giovanni spent sleepless nights developing Larnedu over the years. And while the site made no revenue at the start, he still got a sense of fulfilment from just the impact he made in people’s lives through it. Most especially, the fact that other  people submitted content

Content on the site

Contents and tools on Larnedu cover the following areas:

And a lot more.


Larnedu also offers few premium services by a team of about 6 talented members. The revenues generated from these services usually go towards providing more high quality content and tools on Larnedu.

Larnedu Dream / Vision

You can read about the Larnedu’s vision here.


We’re happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with your recommendation or concern.

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