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LarnEdu serves as a medium for the advancement of useful knowledge in a world with so much unknowns and chaos.
In other words, LarnEdu is here to inspire and support learning(education) enabling you to be more irrespective of your socioeconomic background. 
LarnEdu.com was registered on the 26th of December 2012 by a teenager who was interested in providing free resources to students from Anglophone West African countries. Today LarnEdu serves both professionals and students across all continents of the world by delivering content and services on a range of topics.
Whether you’re looking for the best actionable information to help you progress in your career, education or personal life, you’re in the right place!


To proactively invest in the human capital (especially in West Africa) through inspiring and supporting education.  This will be done by would reinvesting a significant portion of profits received from ads, sponsorships and premium services towards supporting promising students and providing high-quality content for free.


To often provide the most compelling useful contents for free and to put the user at the centre of every decision that pertains to LarnEdu.

Our team

We are currently a team of 5. This does not include guest authors. 

Our story

Once upon a time a teen who lived in the West Coast of Africa and didn’t know how to code decided he was going to create his first site to provide free information and resources for other students like himself who not only wanted to study abroad(because of its better education prospects) but are passionate about learning. After sleepless nights, trials, and error, LarnEdu was born.

Giovanni would go on to publish content that would over attract thousands of people from all over the world within two years, such as an interview he did with Shree Bose, the first-ever Google Science Fair winner and Harvard Graduate.

Over the years, his passion for LarnEdu waned. He would take ages to approve guest posts and comments and rarely made more than four posts a year even though thousands of visitors from around the world still flocked the site on a monthly basis. However, something would happen that would force him to get in line with his initial vision and passion for LarnEdu.

After living in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Cyprus, Giovanni moved the UK to study Mechanical Engineering and Management at the University of Edinburgh.

Giovanni is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for philosopher, weight training, economics, data analytics and content creation.

Book insights

Have you ever wanted to read five books a day? Now, this is possible. We summarise the best ideas from best-selling non-fiction books and provide it to you for free.
By doing so, we help people discover great books or learn on the go.
Become a knowledge machine, absorb the knowledge from some of the world’s best minds.

Have questions? Read our Book Insights FAQ page.

Student resources

LarnEdu has not drifted from its initial focus, which is about making both high school and university/college educational materials accessible to all at no cost. From resources relating to the SAT written in over 50 countries, WASSCE written in West Africa, free online courses administered by the world’s top institutions, to the lecture notes from the world’s top universities, there is something for all.

Other learning resources

We offer content in other areas relating to skill acquisition, small business and more.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us.

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