10 Steps: How to Check Your WASSCE / WAEC Result Online

Checking or verifying your May / June or Nov / Dec WASSCE / WAEC result online shouldn’t be a problem. This simple guide would show you how to go about it.How to check WASSCE WAEC result online

Here we go:

 #1. Purchase a valid WASSCE result checker scratch card for your region

Note: If you wrote the WASSCE in Liberia, don’t go buying a WASSCE result checker scratch card from Ghana. It wouldn’t work.

#2. Visit the appropriate WAEC website for your region

Click on any of the link below depending on the country you wrote the WASSCE:

#3. Enter your 10-digit WAEC examination number

Your 10-digit WAEC examination number is your 7-digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number Example: 4003457890

#4. Enter your examination year

Example: 2015

#5. Select the type of examination

Nov / Dec WASSCE (Private) or May / June.

#6. Enter the card serial number found on the reverse side of your scratch card.


Serial Number: WG1400115511

#7. Enter the personal identification number (PIN) on your scratch card


Pin: 174855618800.

#8. Click submit and wait for the results window to come up


#9. Save page

You can check your WASSCE / WAEC result with your scratch card a maximum of 3 times. After this, the scratch card would expire.

So it’s important to save the result window on your computer or device otherwise you’d have to buy a new WASSCE / WAEC scratch card in other to access your result in future.

#10. Print

It’s always good to have a hard copy as well as a soft copy of your WASSCE / WAEC result.

If you experience any problem, contact the WAEC office for your region.

Good luck!

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  1. I am a final student at Adventist Senior High School and please,I want you to tell me the2017 grading system.

  2. Bunmi says:

    hi i have my ssce result which has a centre number on it but it is less than 7 digits. is that the centre number i should use of should the centre number start with 4? where can i get it from ? thank you

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