REVEALED: How to Check WASSCE / WAEC Results Online For Free

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Search engines are used for searching for answers, and it can be sad when they don’t give you the answers you seek. This was how I felt when I last searched for how to check WASSCE results for free.

As a problem solver, I decided to fix this and hence this post. So, here is what I have for you:
It is actually possible to check your WASSCE / WAEC result online for free, and I’d tell you how it could be done.

Disclaimer: This post is only for educational purpose.

I don’t want to be penalized or sued for revealing sensitive information, so I’ll be careful with what I reveal.


WAEC’s money consciousness and the poor

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) loves to make money.

It doesn’t care about those who can’t afford money to pay for the West African Senior Secondary Examination (WASSCE). It doesn’t understand that people actually borrow money to register for the exam. It claims to be a non-profit organization but its money making strategies are questionable.

For instance: Unlike international exams such as SAT, one has to pay to view his or her WAEC result online (with the help of a WAEC result scratch card).
The sad part? WASSCE result scratch cards can’t be used more than 3 times.

The worst part? You can’t use a WAEC result scratch card  to check for more than one result. This is unlike exams such as the SAT where you can check your result for an unlimited time online. For example: I can still access my 2012 SAT scores for free on the College Board’s site.

Honestly: Not everyone can afford to pay for a WAEC result scratch card, considering more than 50% of people in West Africa live below $2 a day. So, if you’re looking for a way to check your WAEC result online for free-you are likely to be one of these people. I sympathize with you, but I’d still advice you to find a way to get a WAEC result scratch card to check your WAEC result online.

I wouldn’t advise you to try what I’d share in this post. It’d be like advising you to steal because you’re broke, and that could get you in trouble.

The trick

The trick to checking your WAEC result online lies on generating a valid WAEC result scratch card details. The WAEC result scratch card contains a unique pin and serial number that are generated by the computer based on an algorithm. To be able to generate a valid pin and serial number, you have to find the algorithm that was used by the computer to generate them. This is the hardest part.

Serial number generation

You’d need a WAEC scratch card printed at the current year for the specified country of your choice (it doesn’t matter if it’s been used).


Let’s take the following WAEC result scratch card details for example:

Scratch card 1 details:

Serial Number: WG1400110062

Pin: 1649556*5***

Scratch card 2 details:

Serial Number 2: WG1400110059

Pin: 125*57******

Can you spot the similarity between scratch card 1 and scratch card 2?

The answer: Their serial numbers are almost similar. The serial number of scratch card 1 is 3 more that of scratch card 2.

Note: “WG” stands for WASSCCE Ghana. It indicates the scratch card is meant to be used by students who wrote the WASSCE in Ghana.

Imagine if 200,000 people wrote the WAEC this year in Ghana. WAEC would probably print 300,000 copies of scratch cards.

The first serial number printed by WAEC Ghana would probably be WG0000000001, and the last would be WG0000300000.

So, you should aim to generate a serial number for a scratch card that has been printed by WAEC, but has not been used.

Generating the pin

Assuming you don’t know the pin for scratch card B, common sense may suggest you to try ratios and proportion to generate it. Although this may be correct in some other scenarios, ratios and proportion would never generate the right pin for a WAEC result scratch card. It’s easy to generate a valid WAEC result serial number. However, it’s not easy to generate a valid WAEC result pin.

This is where cryptography comes in. With cryptography, you can generate a valid WASSCE / WAEC result scratch card pin.

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Giovanni O.C Olakunori

Giovanni Chinecherem Olakunle Olakunori(commonly known as Giovanni Olakunori) is an aspiring data scientist at heart, business developer and educator with a deep interest in ancient philosophy, healthy living, and developing economies. He’s the founder of LarnEdu, a community that inspires and supports lifelong learning especially in underdeveloped nations. He currently lives in the UK after living in 4 other countries across Europe and Africa. You can read more about him or follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see his public posts about how much he loves hot Kenkey and Jolof rice.

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  1. So how can I do this because I leave in Togo but I want to check my result please help me

    • Giovanni O.C Olakunori says:

      You’ll need to buy a scratch card for that. I believe the steps shared in this post still applies Sam. Please follow it. Cheers

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