Australia Awards Scholarships And Fellowship 2013 / 2014

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Scholarship Description

The Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government. The Australian Awards offers the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia and for high-achieving Australians to do the same overseas.

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The Awards seeks to develop leadership potential and stimulate lasting change by empowering a global network of talented individuals through high-quality education experiences in Australia and overseas. They are awarded each year to citizens of participating countries from Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa.

Recipients return home with new ideas and knowledge, and the ability to make a significant contribution to their home countries as leaders in their field. The Awards also demonstrate Australia’s commitment to providing educational opportunities, improve living standards, and stimulate economic growth in developing countries.

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In 2012 for instance, the Australian Government invested $334.2 million in Australia Awards, enabling 4,900 recipients from more than 145 countries to undertake study, research and professional development.

Course Level: Graduate and undergraduate.

Scholarship Provider: Australian Government and managed by AusAID

Scholarship can be taken at: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia


Applicant must:

1). Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the
time of commencing the scholarship
2). Be a citizen of a participating country (as listed on the Australia Awards website) and be residing in and applying for the scholarship from their country of citizenship
3). Not be married, engaged to, or a defacto of a person who holds, or is eligible to hold, Australian or New
Zealand citizenship or permanent residency, at any of the application, selection or mobilization phases
4). Not be a current serving military personnel
5). Not be applying for a visa to live in Australia
6). Not be applying for another long term Australia Award unless they have resided outside of Australia for twice the length of the total time that they were in Australia. (For example, a previous awardee who has been on an Australia Awards Scholarship in Australia for four years will not be eligible to apply for another Australia Awards Scholarship until they have been home for eight years).
7). Have satisfied any specific criteria established by the applicant’s country or government of citizenship.

8). Be able to satisfy the admission requirements of the institution at which the award is to be undertaken (this may mean that Post will need to withdraw an award offer if the recipient cannot satisfy the institution’s admission requirements. This may not be known until Post requests a placement at selected institutions)
9). Be able to satisfy all requirements of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for an AusAID Temporary Visa (subclass 576). This may mean that Post will need to withdraw an award offer if the recipient cannot satisfy the visa requirements.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Application rounds are held twice a year through a competitive selection process.


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