31 Solid Ways To Be A Great Student In 2015

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Hello. Happy new year! Do you want to be a great student this new year (2015)? If you do, I can show you how. Here we go:how to be a great-or good-student-Merrilyn-Akpapuna

Be regular to class

Being regular is one of the important things you need in store to be a great or good student. You paid for that class, so it does not make sense if you miss it for one reason or the other. However, if there is a solid reason why you must miss a class–contact your lecturer or teacher in advance to explain your situation.

Be punctual to class

Regularity to class without punctuality may yield the same negative result (poor grades). You need to be in class at least 10 minutes before your teacher or lecturer arrives. This would give you time to get prepared. It would also prevent you from asking unnecessary questions, and more.

Be active in class

Pay attention to your lecturer. Don’t refrain from asking questions. Share ideas with your teachers or fellow student. Don’t be a loner in class, it doesn’t help.

Seek help when you are in need it

If you don’t understand a particular topic, you can meet your teachers or fellow students (who understand the topic).

Be resilient

You did try your best, but you failed. You did apply, but you were rejected. That should not be the end of the world.  Bounce back fellow! That’s what great students do.

Set goals

Great students set goals, and they work towards them.

Be focused

To be a great or good student, you need to be focused. You need to know what you want out of life, and chase it.

Practice Practice Practice

Practice all what you have learnt by solving different questions on the topics you’ve covered. With this, you would gain excellence in that topic.

Pursue your passion, not A’s

Passion rules. With passion, you can dedicate yourself to learn. With passion, the A’s would come naturally.

Avoid procrastination

If it has to be done, chances are it is better to be done now, so do it! If you don’t understand a topic, go meet a student or teacher who does right away.

If you have to do your home work, do it now, or as soon as possible. Procrastination kills.

Take notes

Sometimes your textbook may not have the topic your teacher may treat in class. Therefore it is always best to have a note containing the summary of any important thing the teacher says in class.

Balance your studies with every other thing you do

If you’re part of the schools soccer team, do not let that prevent you from studying or having good grades. Do not also let friends, relationships, parties, etc. prevent you from learning. You will only have yourself to blame if you do so. Therefore, find a way to balance everything you do.

Read ahead of the class

This would help you to familiarize with the topics that will later be treated in class. You would be able to know what questions to ask, and you would have a better understanding than most other students in your class.

Be independent

Try to do your homework by yourself. Maybe after that, you can get it reviewed by the right individuals. Think, talk, and act independently when need be (positively).

Be humble

Great or good students are humble. They do not brag about their academic achievements or laugh at other students who are struggling academically.

Be confident

A great or good student is not shy of answering or asking questions in class. A great student is not shy of making independent opinions and sticking to it, even if other students don’t see things the way he or she does.

Know when to apologize

You may have made decisions or shared opinion that did not serve the greater good of your class or team. Do not shy away or be pompous to apologize…

Get good at working with others

As a student, you may need to work in teams for a project or test. Therefore, you should get used to working with others even though you don’t really like them or vice versa. Great or good students have great team work ability.

Avoid any form of malpractice

I know a student who achieved a not-so-good grade in a subject because he was helping others instead of concentrating on his work during an exam. Besides, if you are caught cheating in an exam or test–it may not end well for you.

Love every subject

So far the course you are doing is part of your program,– love it. Otherwise, you stand a higher chance of performing poorly in that course; or you may not gain the necessary skills required to make you successful in your program.

Read often

You may not be able to spend more than an hour reading a note or text book. But you can dedicate 30 minutes every day to that subject, plus a few minutes during your free time to study the notes or text book.

Read wide

Do not only focus on your academic books, you should read other things that are not related to your program. This would give you a wider perspective at the way you look at things. It could also give you knowledge that could help you in making better decisions and more.

Have a time table and stick to it

Most successful students I’ve seen have timetables. Your time table should be a sheet detailing your activities for each day.

Get friendly with your teachers

Do not be a stranger to your teacher. An arm of friendliness chills everything. If you are friends with your teachers or lecturers, they would be glad or moved to help you where they can.

Make friends with the right people

Do not waste your time with students or people who don’t add any meaningful thing to your life. Do not waste your time with students who are not motivated to succeed.

Take note of your teacher’s office hours and address

This would enable you to easily meet them when you have a problem or need an explanation in a particular topic.

Have good manners

This is an essential skill that would make you like-able by your fellow students and teachers.

Teach what you’ve learnt or know 

One of the best ways to have deeper understanding in a subject area or topic is through teaching. Do not shy away from helping other students who are experiencing difficulty in the subject you find easy.

Dress properly

First impression matters. You want to show people that you are responsible.

Have a good study habit

Avoid reading on your bed, or in a noisy environment.

Obey your school rules

Rules are rules and are meant to be obeyed. Do not be the student that breaks rules, because it could get you suspended or expelled.

Rest appropriately

Stress management is one thing needed to get you performing at your best. Take naps during the day. You would wake up refreshed, which would accelerate your learning.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Workout often. Eat healthy and always–an empty belly may not enable you to concentrate in class. A sick body would limit your activities. Therefore, try your best to live a healthy lifestyle.



You can be anything you want. You can be a successful student and you can be otherwise. It all depends on you. But always remember that you create your own experience.

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