5 Skills You Need To Be A Great Manager

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All successful mangers can attribute their success to certain core skills they possess or have developed over a course of time. These specific skills helps them gain early edge over their competitors, and so far, these skills serve them well. So, if you want to be a successful manager, I’d love to share these skills with you.5-great-skills-for-managers

Here are the 5 skills you need to be a great manager:


There is no denying that the most important skill required for excellent management is communication. This includes written, as well as spoken skills.

A manager should be able to get his point across the team effortlessly and without any ambiguity.

Furthermore, the ability to initiate a conversation with anyone and everyone is an essential and very handy skill that comes into play during meetings with foreign delegates. Your listening power and the ability to comprehend the view point of other people also counts in good communication. The first step to building a positive and long term relationship with clients and team members is to have excellent communication with them.

Logical thinking and reasoning

Logical thinking is critical for managers, as it enables them to deduce the problem and arrive at a solution. The ability to think logically, identify problems and arrive at a feasible solution cuts across organizational functions and job positions.

Managers need logical thinking ability the most, as they are in position to control a team and a project most of the time.

Logical reasoning is required for positions where evaluation is involved, and therefore professionals at managerial levels need to develop it. If you are guessing about your logical reasoning power, then it is best to take the help of some online logical reasoning test which would tell you where you stand. This will also help you in developing better thinking ability.

Risk assessment and decision making

Assessing risks and making decisions based on that assessment is a very valuable skill. It is often only found in professionals at high managerial levels, where important decision making is part of the daily schedule.

These decisions sometimes have company-wide implications. Therefore, it is important to analyze both sides of the coin carefully and then arrive on any conclusion. Besides, having good judgment and knowing when the time is right to implement those decisions is quite important for being considered credible for this role.

People management

This list would have remained incomplete without the mention of the most important task. A manager is entrusted with-people management

Good managers have the tendency of making their team members comfortable in order to maximize their performance and output.

The key to managing people is to understand their point of view, offer feedback from their past performance, and come to an agreement on the future expectations. As a manager, you would benefit from coaching, and mentoring skills.


Last but not the least; a manager should be able to come up with nice words to round up even a bad performance from an employee. This would leave the employee motivated instead of being demoralized.

Your ability to inspire and motivate people, and raise their level of performance makes you a true asset of your organization. When employees reach their full potentials, you remain ahead of the competition as a manager. Rewarding, appreciating and recognizing a team member’s efforts are one of the keys to successful management.


Article written by: Aditya Singhal

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