WASSCE / WAEC General / Core Mathematics Syllabus

It’s important to read the information on this page, but if you want to download / view the WASSCE / WAEC Biology Syllabus straight away, just click the link below:


The topics, contents and notes are intended to indicate the scope of the questions which will be set. Do not consider the notes to be an exhaustive list of illustrations / limitations.

This syllabus is not intended to be used as a teaching syllabus. Teachers are advised to use their own National teaching syllabuses or curricular for that purpose.

Aims Of the Core / General Mathematics Syllabus

The aims of the syllabus are to test candidates’:

  1. Mathematical competency and computational skills;
  2. Understanding of mathematical concepts and their relationship to the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills for everyday living in the global world;
  3. Ability to translate problems into mathematical language and solve them using appropriate methods;
  4. Ability to be accurate to a degree relevant to the problem at hand;
    logical, abstract and precise thinking.

Scheme of the Core / General Maths Examination

There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which must be taken.

Paper 1:

Will consist of fifty multiple-choice objective questions, drawn from the common areas of the syllabus, to be answered in 1½ hours for 50 marks.

Paper 2:

This will consist of 13 essay questions in 2 sections — Sections A and B. These questions are to be answered in 2½ hours for 100 marks. Candidates will be required to answer 10 questions in all.

Section A:

Section A will consist of 5 compulsory questions, elementary in nature. Questions in this section carry a total of 40 marks.

The questions will be drawn from the common areas of the syllabus.

Section B:

This section will consist of 8 questions of greater length, and difficulty. The questions shall include a maximum of 2 questions which shall be drawn from parts of the syllabuses which may not be peculiar to candidate’s home country. Candidates will be expected to answer 5 questions for 60marks.

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