Study Abroad—5 Wonderful Reasons To Choose Canada

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More and more students today prefer Canada to other countries as their study destination. The reasons for this preference over others are numerous and totally legit. First and the foremost being that Canada is a politically stable country which has a rich ethnic culture and religious tolerance.

Nevertheless, there are many other benefits which Canada has to offer for students who wish to attain education abroad. Let’s take a closer look at what attracts foreign students towards Canada.

  1. Canada is a peaceful country

Canada in top 10 peaceful countries


Canada is a peace-loving country. Unlike the United States which it shares its border with, Canada has a relatively much lower crime rate. A student who plans to move to Canada for his or her higher studies is always assured of a peaceful neighbourhood and a trouble-free stay.


Every now and then newspapers are covered with stories about violence against students in various countries, but you can hardly come across any such incidents happening in Canada. Family, friends and the students themselves are always concerned about their safety and security. Well, in this regards no better place can be there than Canada, where a student remains secure and safe.

Study abroad Canada



A very valid point to mention over here would be that Canada is a country that is not only politically stable, but also has good governance. It offers basic amenities like health-care facilities to benefit students. Canada is also one of the few countries in the world that is relatively free from terrorist activities. As per the Global Peace Index, Canada ranks among the top 10 safest countries of the world.

  1. Quality Education at an Affordable cost

Quality education in Canada


Contrary to common belief, Canada offers high quality education at a much lower cost in comparison to other commonwealth countries like the United States and U.K. Canadians take their education damn seriously, which is quite evident by seeing their campuses and training facilities.


Considering the fact that the Diplomas, Degrees and Certifications offered by Canadian universities are equivalent to the ones offered by universities in the U.S., affordability goes much in favour of Canada. The costs of living in Canada are also more affordable in comparison.


Moreover, this affordability comes without any compromises on the quality of education, which is very much evident from the fact that Canadian universities make extensive use of technology. The Diploma and Degree programs cover vast subjects like health, technology and arts. Canadian universities are also renowned for their French and English learning programs.

  1. Canada is a Technically advanced country

Technology in Canada


Canada is a modern and a hi-tech country. The country is at the forefront when it comes to Information technology and telecommunications. Canada also has a well-developed infrastructure in terms of transportation and engineering. The SchoolNet program was a Canadian endeavor that has influenced the student learning process across the globe.


Modern civic amenities are available all across Canada in abundance. The sports and recreational facilities aren’t far behind either. Canada promises an ideal mix of pleasure and learning by providing art galleries and concert halls. Students studying in Canada spend their idol time hiking and camping with peers.

  1. Unity in diversity

diversity in canada


Canada has a rich multicultural environment. A number of ethnic groups coexist in absolute peace and harmony. Students from all across the globe are welcomed with equal warmth and affection. The country is also known for its religious tolerance towards people of different religions and groups. A student from another country does not have to adapt himself much to study in Canada.

Diversity in Canada


  1. Study in the Lap of Nature

Out of all things, Canada is such a beautiful country to live in. It has a far stretched coastline running in miles and snow covered Rocky Mountains on the other side. A student studying in Canada has many options for spending his or her off campus time. Hiking, mountain biking, camping and adventure sports are some of the recreational options if a student is up for it. Canada is a nature lover’s paradise with abundant wildlife and acres of forested area.

study in Canada



Students love to study in Canada. The reasons which I have stated above are difficult to ignore for any student who is looking to relocate for educational purposes. Many students tend to settle down permanently in Canada after completing their education due to the easy immigration rules and visa procedures. All a student requires is a valid degree from a Canadian University and work experience of 1 year and his visa processing takes around 15 to 18 months.


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Kaylyn Gabriel conducts counselling sessions on abroad education in Canada. She was born and brought up in Canada and is closely associated with the Centre for Arts and Technology . Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


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