Planning to Study Abroad? Here Are Some Top Choices

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Students are becoming daily aware of the opportunities provided by studying abroad. In addition, the main destinations to study abroad are also changing. A year ago the list of countries to study abroad were dominated by Australia, the UK and US. The scenario has changed at present and students are experimenting with newer countries. As an Indian, I would be talking about some top overseas education destinations for Indian students.

A Brief Introduction

The main problem of many bright Indian students is that they fail to get admission into the top colleges in India due to irrational cutoffs. Some of these students look towards the foreign countries to try their luck there.

The foreign universities welcome Indian students with a warm heart owing to their brilliance and hard working nature. India has become the major supplier of students to the international educational market, as the number of Indian students migrating to foreign countries is increasing everyday.

The UK

United Kingdom is an all-time favorite for students seeking to study abroad. The country is the motherland of some of the top universities like the Cambridge, Oxford, and UCL. The wide range of courses offered by the universities in UK includes various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

Top Study Abroad Destinations

The US

The United States is the most sought after study destination after the UK for Indian students. The multicultural society of the US attracts students the most. The experience gained by the students is also much liberal. Excellent knowledge is offered in numerous disciplines.


After the US and the UK, Australia is the third most preferred study destination for Indian students. The education system of Australia has gained worldwide reputation. A considerable number of Australian Universities have been featured among the top 100 global universities. International students get a friendly and safe society in Australia.


Apart from the UK, US and Australia another emerging study abroad destination is Canada. Canada has witnessed an appreciable increase in the number of international students migrating there each year. Students from all over the world flock up to Canada to study disciplines like hospitality, biotechnology, animation, engineering and a lot more.


Russia is the next favorite and emerging destination to study abroad. It is known worldwide for offering courses like aviation, engineering, medicine etc. This country is known to provide world class education at a reasonable rate. The atmosphere provided to international students is also quite good. In addition, most of the educational institutes in Russia offer a state of the art learning facility to international students.


Most of the Indian students studying management courses prefer to go to Singapore. This is mainly because Singapore is becoming the land of the top management institutions in the world. Most institutions have adopted numerous innovative management programs. This has in turn attracted more and more international students.

New Zealand

Another new and emerging study destination is New Zealand, which has witnessed nearly 400% increase in the total number of international students in its universities. The number of Indian students taking admission in New Zealand universities has gone up in the last 5 years. The degree offered by these universities in New Zealand is also of global value.

The Netherlands

If you are searching for numerous specialized courses, then Netherlands is your perfect choice. All the higher education courses provided here are of the finest quality and are taught with much credibility. The universities of Netherlands are famous for courses like sustainable energy, architecture, agriculture etc.


The universities of Norway are best known for providing world class knowledge at a cheap rate. Most of the universities there offer three years bachelor degree, two years master degree and two years of PhD courses.


France is also not an exception in this field. The top universities of France like University Pierre et Marie Curie, University Claude Bernard Lyon I and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis are well known for offering higher education at a feasible rate.

The next country that comes in this list is:


Most of the courses offered by the top universities of Sweden are all industry oriented and more than 500 international students are granted scholarship every year from these top universities.


Discussed above is some of the top overseas education destination for Indian students. In most of the cases it is seen that the students migrates to overseas with an expectation to get a high paid job in future as the degrees are globally acclaimed.

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