6 Tips To Make Your Engineering Dream Come True

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Every student prepares for years to crack an entrance exam, but it is often not possible that every one of them will get into the best of colleges. The only way required to make a difference, is the level of effort one puts in and a smart way of preparation. This article is going to put forward some smart steps that are required to nail the various engineering entrance exams.

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Every year lakhs of students appear for engineering entrance exams to get into one of the coveted colleges in the country. In 2015, it is expected that more than 13 lakhs of students will appear for the most reputed examination, Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), as stated recently in Times of India. Apart from JEE, a number of reputed institutions use rankings of other entrance exams like BITSAT, UPSEE, KCET, etc.

Let us look at some of the important tips that can help in your preparation for engineering entrance exams.

Fixed Time Table

The first step of your preparation should be to make a time table, so that you have a well-planned layout of how you are going to spend your time. This helps in maintaining a balance between study and leisure time. As the saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, make it a point to add short breaks of around 15-20 minutes between your study hours. Long and boring study periods lead to boredom and lack of concentration, which will affect your preparation.

Self Assessment

It is very important to understand your own weaknesses and strength. Nobody is equally good at all the subjects. A person may have a good knowledge in one subject, whereas he/she finds another subject hard to understand. This should not discourage you or make you lose interest in that particular subject. Instead, you should give extra attention to that particular subject and seek guidance to improve your concept in it. No matter how tough it may seem at first, if you are patient and keen on learning, you will be able to conquer it easily.

Expert Guidance

If you have read any interviews of entrance exam toppers, you will see that all of them had some guidance to help them achieve their goal. It is not easy to crack such a tough examination by preparing it all on your own. Instead of wasting time being stuck on a tough problem or understanding a certain concept, guidance saves a lot of time for you to devote on other problems. Nowadays, there are a lot of coaching classes that offer custom courses for students to utilise their time efficiently and benefit from the expert guidance that they provide.

Concept and Notes Should Go Hand-in-hand

The core part of a successful preparation is ‘concept’ of the subjects. Try to have a clear understanding of the subjects instead of just memorising everything by head. Most of the questions asked in the entrance exams measures the concept of a student. Direct questions are hardly asked. To add to the problem-solving speed, ensure that you make a habit of note making. Make notes of the various formulae that you come across, and from time to time go through them. This will help you to easily remember formulae during the exams, along with its clear concept; solving problems then becomes easy to do.

Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Be sure to go through the previous year question papers and sample papers of reputed coaching institutions, so that you can understand the pattern of the question paper and type of questions that are usually asked. If you know the pattern of questions asked, and the type of marks and time allocation, it will be easier for you to prepare accordingly. Mock tests are very essential in having an idea how they are performing with other aspirants and if there are any gaps in the preparation. This will give you leverage in the actual examinations.

Here are some sample exam practice resources you may need:

Keep Calm and Have a Social Life

There are lots of students who seem to transform their life into books and studies while preparing. They cut off from all kinds of social connection as they believe that it will distract them in their studies. This is a big myth and it has nothing to do with a successful preparation. Maintain a certain level of social life, because in the end you will have to have someone who appreciates what you achieve. This will also help you to keep a fresh mind while preparing for the exams.

Thus remember, every student has their own particular way of preparing. You can however, modify these tips to suit your habits and style of preparation.



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