Engineering Degrees Pay The Most

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Engineering Degrees Pay the most based on a lifetime earning


Engineering-degrees-majors-pay-the-most-well-2015-2014Your Bachelors degree or major could indeed determine whether you would end up rich, an average income earner, or poor. Therefore, choosing the right major is something everyone needs to do carefully.

A recent report shows Engineering degrees or majors (Mechanical, chemical , civil engineering, etc) pay the most based on a lifetime scale.

The report used data from the U.S consensus Bureau to determine which college degrees pay the most over a university graduate’s lifetime. Engineering degrees came out on top, while at the bottom  were found education and arts majors.

However, a noteworthy point was stated by Washington Post about the study. As the Washington Post’s notes, “these rankings exclude people with graduate degrees, which leaves out doctors, lawyers, and professors”.

This explains the potentially low ranking of majors that traditionally go on to law school or medical school.

Here’s the list:

College Major Lifetime Earning Chart


On an overall basis, the report above confirms the importance of a college degree…According to the report a typical bachelor’s degree earns around twice what the typical high school graduate earns.

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