Be Wise: Don’t Fall For the WASSCE / WAEC Upgrade Scams

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WASSCE / WAEC result upgrade scam alert

I know how terrible fraudsters can be. I know how heartless they can be in carrying out their plans of defrauding innocent individuals. They prey on the weak, as well as the strong…the young as well as the old. They’d play their scam-games once they find a vulnerability or opportunity to carry out their plans. It bad to fall for a scam. The mental and physical effects of being defrauded could be damaging.

WASSCE / WAEC result upgrade frauds

Scammers have devised a new way to trick gullible students who achieved poor West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results.

They know that most of these students who fail the WASSCE are desperate to do anything to upgrade their results.

There are good ways to upgrade WASSCE / WAEC results. But these scammers suggest a bad way. Well, bad things do sell too, and bad things do lead to more bad things. These scammers pretend to work with WAEC. They claim to have the power to upgrade WAEC results. But at the end, they’ll not do as they promised. They’d swindle you of your hard-earned cash. Don’t be fooled students. Don’t fall for their cheap scams.

Think about this:

If they actually had the power to upgrade WAEC results, they’ll not publicize it to the world. They’d go for a select number of desperate students who are ready to pay large sums of money to have their WASSCE / WAEC result upgraded. Why risk their cover by advertising online? Why disturb website admins or moderators with comments having fake claims?

For example: This was a comment I didn’t approve on Larnedu:

upgrade waec result scam image

I’ve received over 10 similar comments on Larnedu.

I made a search on Google, and I saw it was used to start different threads in Nairaland and some other sites. Sadly, it got some response from Nairalanders-some people bought the lie.WAEC upgrade scam image 2


See another comment I didn’t approve too:

WASSCE WAEC result upgrade scam

I called the number above. The receiver claimed to have the power to upgrade WASSCE / WAEC results. I knew it was one of those WASSCE / WAEC result upgrade frauds. Anyway, I decided to call the number. A man picked the call. I pretended as if I was a desperate student who had a D7 in Core Mathematics paper of the WASSCE. I told him I wanted to upgrade my Core Mathematics grades. He told me if he wanted to charge me, I might not be able to afford it. He asked me how much I could afford. I told him 4,000 Naira(about $20). We finally settled for 5,000 Naira. He told me to send my index number, WASSCE / WAEC result scratch card serial no, and pin. I didn’t go on acting as if I’ve fallen for his spell, so I cut the conversation. But it’s sad some students may fall for his tricks. Once you give them your money, you’ll never hear from them again. So, stay smart, and upgrade your WASSCE / WAEC results  with the good ways I talked about in this post.

Good luck!

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Giovanni O.C Olakunori

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