150+ Free New SAT Practice Questions From The College Board

So you want to prepare for the new SAT that’ll start in March 2016? Get pumped because I have something big for you. I proudly have over 150 redesigned/new SAT test POWERFUL questions for your practice.


In case you’re thinking these are mere questions set by me or copied from some random SAT prep book, you’re simply wrong. You’re likely not going to find any of these questions in any standard SAT prep book. And I didn’t set any of them. Hell, I wouldn’t even ask my “smart” friends in Ivy League Colleges to do so for me.

New SAT practice questions from the College Board

These new SAT practice questions are powerful because they are from the College Board, the actual administers of the SAT test.

So the questions you see here would be similar to the ones you’d see on a real new SAT reasoning test.

These questions are gotten from the revised College Board SAT question of the day.

I spend a great amount of time saving them on our server as they come.

You can start practicing right away. Good luck!

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You’ll likely not find the amount or quality of questions you see here anywhere.

Google: “SAT question of the day archive”, or “SAT question of the day compilation”-you’d see us up there; on the first page.

Larnedu has one of the largest collection of ‘College Board SAT question of the day’ questions saved on its server.

Most supposedly College Board SAT question of the day online archives load the questions directly from the College Board’s website. However, this is unreliable because after sometime, the College Board wipes out the questions from its server. Therefore, we save the questions, hints and answers on our server —for posterity’s sake.

Take note of strange vocabulary.

Some Math questions may require the use of calculators, while others may not. All the same, don’t be lazy-use your head to do a calculation where you have to .

What you should know about the new SAT

Before you write the new SAT, it’s important that you are made aware of the major changes the College Board has instituted.

  • Total score would be 1600 instead of 2400
  • Students must use evidence in their answers
  • Vocabulary will be more practical.
  • Math section will cover fewer topics
  • Analysis in Science and in History/Social Studies
  • Calculators will be banned from portions of the math section
  • Students will not be penalized for incorrect answers
  • Students can choose whether to write an essay
  • Essay Analysing
  • Digital SATs will be available
  • Problems Grounded in Real-World Contexts
  • Widely-read founding documents and speeches will be included
  • Lesser timing
  • Sub-score Reporting
  • Essay results would be reported separately
  • 50-minutes to write essay

Read more about these changes.


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