Planning To Study Abroad? Consider Australian Universities

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If you have plans of pursuing higher studies from a foreign country, Australia can turn out to be a good option. Australian universities offer quality education and degrees are also recognised worldwide. Read on to know more.

Study Abroad Australia.

Australia is an incredibly beautiful country with a broad range of leisure and brilliant opportunities. At the same time, it offers an excellent pathway for world-class higher education, as it offers several internationally acclaimed education options and a variety of courses for international students comprising various English language learning options. Exceedingly competitive costs of study and living, combined with a friendly and multicultural society makes Australia a perfect place to pursue the higher education.

Pursuing Higher Studies in Australia
Australia is one of the finest and best places across the globe to live while you earn. The standard of living in Australia is amongst the highest across the continents, yet, living and education costs remain highly competitive over other countries. The education system of Australia possesses a strong international reputation for its academic excellence and world class training. Educational institutions of Australia, which impart the most contemporary professional skills, maintain high level of advancement education resources and technological advancement, whilst costing effectively through innovative teaching.

Whether you study at an English language institute, a vocational training centre, a school or university, you will always receive superior quality education; capable of forming a strong foundation for your professional success. However, the benefits of living, learning and educating in Australia are both academic and personal. On your summer vacations or breaks from study, you will possess a broad array of choice of activities that will enrich your experience, varying from sporting events to cultural festivals, historic museums and musical concerts etc.

Education System in Australia

There are about 41 universities in Australia that offer Doctorate, Masters Degrees, Post Graduate Diplomas, Post Graduate Certificates, and Bachelor Degrees which are recognized and respected throughout the world. All the universities in Australia are established under the country’s legislation and have set the individual academic requisites within strict legislative guidelines. The education system in Australia is known as the Australian Qualification Framework which has been recognized by the government of Australia. As per this system, the students can easily move from one level of study to a higher level while enjoying the credits for previous study as well.

Reasons to study in Australia

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Australia offers some of the very best in terms of education. From a degree that is globally recognized, to a global exposure enriching you; that will stay with you forever. Some of the top reasons for pursuing higher studies from Australia are listed below:

One of the Best Livable Countries in the World
Recently Australia has been recognized as the happiest place to live in the world, and its livability ranking score has been derived from five broad categories, including: infrastructure, education, culture and environment, healthcare and stability.

Guaranteed Quality Education
Since the introduction of 2000’s Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) the quality of education and protection of interests of international students has increased significantly. As per this act, Australia provides international students with one of the most arduous consumer protection in the entire world. This implies that you will receive the education and tuition which you have made the payments while your fees would be protected by law. The reputation of Australia for superior quality training and education services for overseas students, has been strengthened by appropriate enforcement powers, sanctions for non-compliance, and the mandatory nationally consistent registration of all the education providers and their courses.

Competitively Prices and Flexible Education Programs

Several educational programs offered in Australia are considerably less expensive as compared to the similar programs in countries like US and UK. Moreover, the courses offered in Australia are shorter in duration and due to trimester system, the education becomes highly flexible.

Internationally Recognized Qualifications and Courses
The Australians possess strong international reputation for superiority and excellence in education. The degrees that you acquire in Australia are recognized by all the leading education institutions and international employers around the world.

Cost of living in Australia
The standards of living in Australia are certainly amongst the highest in the world, but the cost of living is considerably low. Students who come from other countries find it relatively competitive in pricing as compared to other established countries like UK and USA. Also, students are given the opportunity to work for a specific number of hours a week during their study period to support their expenses.

Rewarding Work Opportunities
Once you complete your studies in Australia, you get lucrative job offers not only from Australian companies or the organizations in your homeland, but corporations across the world. The Australian degrees are widely recognized and respected throughout the world, and thus working in any part of the world is not difficult for students who complete their education from Australia.

A host of reputed universities, excellent scope of studies and research, availability of scholarships and worldwide recognition are some of the best reasons for pursuing higher studies in Australia.


Author: Kamlesh Gupta

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