JAMB Christian Religious Studies (CRS) Syllabus

Are you an aspiring Jamb candidate searching for the current Christian Religious Studies syllabus to serve as a guide when studying? Welcome, you are in the right place.

We have uploaded the Christian Religious Studies (CRS) syllabus to this site and you can download it as a PDF file on your phone, laptop or view it directly from your browser. 

We would love to see you excel in your Jamb examinations with a high score of 300+ and the contents of this page is a step closer to making this possible.

The contents of this page and other resources we have for the JAMB are free. This is in line with our mission to inspire and support learning (especially in underdeveloped nations).

The Christian Religious Studies syllabus on this page is for:

  • Students who could not get the JAMB CD that contains the brochure and syllabus of the Jamb examination during their registration. 
  • Students who prefer having the syllabus on their mobile phones so they can have access to it any time of the day. 
  • Students who do not have the budget for purchasing JAMB syllabus. 
  • Teachers, parents, guardians and other individuals who need it for research. 

Terms Of Use

Please do not directly or indirectly monetise any material got from this page (for example, by posting it on pay to download sites or survey to download sites).  There is no reason to take money from students who had probably misplaced the CD.
Endeavour to give us credit when you share any content on our website so we can reach more students. This is in line with our vision to support individuals (especially in Sub-Saharan Africa) in their quest to self-actualisation through education.

How To Use The JAMB Christian Religious Studies Syllabus

We know that not many students can use Jamb syllabus effectively without getting confused. This is because the responsibility of using a syllabus has always rested mainly on the teacher and not the student. The teacher uses the syllabus to make up notes which he or she gives to the student in an organised manner. But since Jamb preparation is not part of the responsibility of secondary schools, it leaves students to sort out themselves.

Joining a Jamb lesson centre might be reasonable, but there is also a possibility they might not cover the syllabus before the exam date and this could affect you negatively. You will need to learn how to use this syllabus on your own.

Here are tips to help:

  • Ensure that you familiarise yourself with the objectives of each topic before checking them out on textbooks. It becomes easier to study when you follow this pattern.
  • Take the topics step by step as outlined in the syllabus. Avoid the temptation of trying to skip any subject.
  • Get the recommended text at the end of the syllabus to help in your studying. If you can’t find it for free on the internet, then purchase it or ask people who have written Jamb in previous years; they might have them.

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Use the link below to download or view the latest JAMB syllabus.

JAMB Christian Religious Studies Syllabus Section

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