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JAMB Past Paper Questions Section Quick Link

This section contains links to past questions of various subjects approved for the Jamb examination. They are in PDF files which means you need to have a PDF viewer on your phone. You can also view them directly on your browser.

When you download a past question paper of your chosen subject, you might see it in a typed or scanned format. But irrespective of the format it appears, they are all questions from previous Jamb examinations and they will give you an insight into the question Jamb sets for their exams.

JAMB Past Questions Online Quiz Section Quick Link

Our online quiz will test your level of preparation for the forthcoming Jamb examination. It will help you know the areas of your strengths and weaknesses which will give you an idea of where to focus while reading. It will also help you determine if your speed is good enough to know whether to improve in your accuracy to avoid not finishing before the time is up during the exam.

Brief Information About JAMB

The Joint Admission and Matriculations Board is an examination board in Nigeria which conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for tertiary level institutions. The tertiary institutions include all Nigeria public and private universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. They conduct this examination every year and only eligible students may write the exams.

To be eligible, candidates need to have their West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate or National Examination Council (NECO) certificate. Without these certificates, you are not eligible to sit for the exams, and for a candidate to apply for admission into any tertiary level institutions in Nigeria, he or she must pass the Jamb examination.

Passing the Jamb examination means you must score above the cutoff mark which is 160 for the polytechnics and 180 for the Universities.

Are JAMB Past Questions Important?

If you read our guide on how to pass your Jamb examination once, you will remember we added using Jamb past questions as one rule to pass the examination. Using the past questions is similar seeing the Jamb questions before exams.

Most people know Jamb sets questions with multiple choices rather than theory because they’ve seen the past questions. They are also sure that Jamb repeats a particular question every year or sets questions based on a topic because they have gone through the past questions.

Aside from the Jamb syllabus, the Jamb past questions is another important prep resource that helps you pass your Jamb examinations with high scores.

Benefits Of Practising The JAMB Past Questions Regularly

Now you know how important it is to use Jamb questions, let’s look at some benefits of using the Jamb past questions:


Most students who write science courses like mathematics, chemistry, physics, during Jamb hardly finish before the required time because they lingered too long on some questions which wasted their time. One benefit of preparing for your exams with past questions is that you will identify questions that will take a longer time to solve and learn a shortcut to the answer. 

You’ll agree that there is a long and short method for solving scientific problems but the answer stays the same. The long method is useful when writing theoretical exams like WASSCE as it might interest the examiners in the steps you took to arrive at the answer. But with Jamb, they are only concerned with you getting the right answer.

Jamb past questions will help you practise with various questions the best ways to solve questions accurately to get the right answers.


After practising the various past questions, identifying your strength subjects and improving on the weak subjects, you’ll wish the exam was the next day! Regular practise of the jamb past questions builds up confidence in your abilities to ace the exam.

Most people get scared when they are not prepared. Take for example public speaking, you can only be afraid or nervous is when you didn’t prepare. But if you take time to prepare notes, research on what you are speaking on, and practise speaking to a family member or friend, then it will take little effort to impress your audience with your oratory.

The same thing goes for exam preparation. If you are to excel in your exams, you need to use your Jamb syllabus to study your notes, textbooks, before going through the Jamb past questions. We know this pattern as “Leaving no stones unturned.” The past question is like icing on a cake, sealing your effort and building your confidence.

Long-Term Retention

When preparing for an exam, most students concentrate on reading and not studying. Now when you only read, there is a great possibility that the next step you’ll take is cramming which is one of the worst methods to use when preparing for an exam because once you forget a word, you forget everything you’ve crammed.

Studying is a much better option where you take time to understand so you can have knowledge of that subject which translates to long-term retention where you’ll remember everything about the subject even after your Jamb examination. What makes you a good student is not only your ability to pass exams but also to have knowledge of all the subjects they taught you.

One of the best ways to study a subject is through using the past question of that subject. After reading your notes or textbooks, you can use the past questions to reflect on each topic and when a question comes from what you read, it will be easier to recall and answer correctly.

High JAMB Score

Regularly practising past questions help in improving your knowledge of the subject, your speed, and accuracy which results in a high Jamb score. Have you dreamt of scoring 300 and above in Jamb? Then you should head to the Jamb past questions section and download or view the JAMB past questions for the subjects you need.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to the past questions section right away.

Good luck!

JAMB Past Questions Papers By Subjects

JAMB CBT Past Questions Quizzes

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