How To Find An Off Campus Job

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Off-campus jobs — on average — pay better than on-campus jobs and presents an opportunity to gather real world experience while earning money. The downside is that off-campus jobs are usually less flexible and friendly than on-campus jobs.

In this article, I will show the most effective ways to find an off-campus job.

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How Many Hours Can You Work In An On-campus Job

Many universities in the US and UK recommend students to work within 10-20 hours per week during an academic term. Therefore, it’s important to choose a job that would not affect your study commitments or academic performance.

How To Find An Off-Campus Job

  • Check with your school’s career development, student’s employment office or website for open off-campus job opportunities.
  • Utilise networking. Ask your friends, lecturers, seniors etc. whether they know of any open off-campus job positions.
  • Post ads in public places or websites showing what job or service you are ready to render on campus for some cash.
  • Sign up for any volunteering opportunity off-campus. Volunteering can give you an opportunity to meet the bosses at various sectors near your campus which can be a good opportunity to ask for any available paid job opportunity with their organisation.
  • Use the knock-on-door strategy to search for open job positions closer to your campus or home.
  • Use job search engines or job boards to search for work opportunities off-campus

How Job Search Engines Work

Job search engines enable you to search for different job listings from job boards and employer websites.

Examples of job search engines include:


How Do Job Boards Work

Although job boards sound similar to job search engines, they are different. Job search engines searches for jobs from various parts of the web, while job boards display direct job listings from employers.

Companies or businesses usually list their open positions and often accept job applications directly on job boards.

It’s important to use both job boards and job search engines when searching for a job.

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