4 Key Points To Ensure your College Road Trip Is A Success

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Larnedu is a website that focuses on the serious aspects of a college experience, scholarships, financial advice and an overall educational side of things. However, this college experience also involves quite a bit of fun, after all, isn’t it a well-known fact that people(including college students) perform better if they are given a chance to wind down every now and then?

One of the classic ways to have fun as a student is to take a road trip in the country where you are attending college. However, for such a road trip to actually become a cherished memory, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

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The Car

An integral part of every road trip experience will be the vehicle itself. It is not only a means of getting from Point A to Point B. It is the place where you will be spending the majority of your time and it might actually turn into a bedroom for a night or two. Hence, the need for it to be roomy, at least. Stuffing five adults in a car the size of a shoe box is never a pleasant experience.

Besides being sizable, your road trip car simple must be safe and in good shape. This means doing a serious checkup before you head out on the road. Make sure to check and fix or replace – if need be all of the following: tires, various essential fluids, the battery, your brakes (DBA always a good choice here) as well as your air-conditioning system. In fact, the best way to go about this is to visit a mechanic and ensure that your car doesn’t break down three hours into your road trip.

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The Plan

A road trip that you set out on without any sort out plan, will rarely work out well. More likely than not, such a road trip will end up in endless hours of aimless driving around, hoping that something happens. In real life as opposed to movies, amazing things do not always happen with each mile that you cover. In fact, you might find out that the real life on the road can get quite boring.

This is why you need a plan of where you will go, what you will see and when you will be getting there. This may seem counter-intuitive to fun, but it can really make a difference between yawning in the back seat for three days and actually having fun on your road trip.

If you have the chance, do one of these.

The Crew

You can have the best car in the world and the most spectacular plan for a road trip, but if you have the wrong people in the car, your road trip is doomed. In short, you need to be really smart in deciding who you take along for the ride.

The first type you need for a road trip is someone who is responsible and mature. They may not be the most fun people to be around, but they will make sure that everyone comes back safe and sound. They will also do the majority of the driving and planning. If this responsible person also has a parental quality, you might end up having a few cooked meals too.

You will also need someone who is resourceful and knows how to get things done. They can fix the car, they can get you a room in a hotel where there are no vacant rooms and they can get you out of trouble.

Another great person to have on your road trip would be someone who will gladly remind everyone else that this is supposed to be fun. This is the kind of person who possesses a fun radar and who will somehow know exactly where to go and what turn to make to hit the really big party.

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The Common Sense

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t eat unhealthy food. Don’t be a jerk to the people you meet on your road trip. Don’t play with wild animals. Don’t play with fire. Don’t do drugs. Don’t do drugs and drive. Don’t fall asleep in the sun. Don’t drink and swim. Don’t do drugs and swim. Don’t shoplift. Don’t get into political arguments with the locals.

Use your brain.

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