How To Crack MBA Interview For US B-Schools

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An interview for the admission process is considered a nightmare for many of MBA candidates. It is taken up by some as a challenging combat to prove one’s worth in the corporate arena. However, it is not as difficult as it appears to be if one possesses the right strategy and skill required for this purpose. The following post explores the steps to crack MBA interview for US business schools

Appearing for an Interviewmba-us-b-school

Cracking the interview for getting admission in any of the eminent B-schools is really one of the toughest jobs that an MBA aspirant has to face. It requires rigorous amount of preparation, including extreme hard work and dedication. And when it comes to the US B schools, the task becomes all the more severe and difficult to get through.

All MBA colleges in US select candidates screening through strict interviews of multiple rounds. In the interviews, the worth of the candidates are rigorously measured. Needless to say that a large number of candidates fail to get through the strainer, and only a handful with outstanding knowledge and expertise succeeds.

Preparing for an Interview

The preparation for such interviews cannot be taken within a short span. In fact, it is a comprehensive process without any short cut that can be mastered over night because it consists of a number of things together. Such interviews mainly aim at judging the analytic, leadership, communication as well as English proficiency of the applicant.

It encompasses the depth of knowledge and awareness possessed by the candidate regarding the business world or the global economy and the position held by a specific country say for example the country which the candidate belongs to. A very favorite question of the interviewers is the reason for the candidate to choose this B schools among other institutes. Therefore the candidate must have adequate information regarding this before sitting for the interview.

Appearing and Answering Interview Questions

The website of the particular B school would come handy for this purpose. Another common question is why you think that the interviewers should select you. A very careful SWOT analysis of yours can help you to answer this tricky question. He or she might be provided with a simulated business problem and asked to come up with a plausible and instant solution of it. The body language and the confidence level of the candidate also comes under consideration.

The applicant might be asked to cite an important incidence of his or her life where he or she faced a great problem or dilemma, and how he or she managed to get over it. This is to test his/her problem solving abilities. So you must have such a story (real or fake whatsoever) ready with you and well advanced, because thinking or making it on-spot would not be a sensible idea. The domain knowledge as well as the IQ level of the candidate is also thoroughly tested. And if the story is real, it is better for you because the persons sitting on the other side are extremely shrewd and crafty. They are capable of detecting your lie even from the movement of your eyes or the way of your expression. Therefore, it is clear that interviews impose a whole lot of things to confirm the worth of the candidate as a potential management student.

The interviews generally initiate with generic questions and gradually become specific. It is quite common for the interviewers to ask about the choice of your career, your goal and the relevance of the MBA course with respect to your goal. It is also acceptable if you have some query regarding the position, the job description, company policies or the organization as a whole. In fact, at the end the candidates are generally asked if they have any question to ask to the interviewers. You may also be asked to share with them any significant information about you that might help them make a positive decision regarding selecting you.

Prior to the actual interview, try to arrange a mock session with a person having the experience of interviewing others. This will help you to a great extent.

The Final Words

The task of making oneself prepare for an important interview is no doubt a daunting one. But the anxiety and the confusion can be overcome if one is thoroughly arranged and confident. However, it is also true that the level of confidence goes up gradually and it tends to flicker at the initial stage. So it is better and much helpful for a candidate if he or she has some previous exposure to any sort interview process.

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