10 Most Important Skills Employers Want From Employees

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what employers wantThere are certain skills every employer is sure to look out for when seeking out employees to employ. I’ll be listing 10 most important skills employees need to develop in other to increase their appeal to employers.

Leadership skills

The ability to lead effectively is a skill employers search for in potential staff.

Characteristics of a good leader: communicates effectively, confident, motivates, delegates effectively, etc.

Management skills

A manager is someone who oversees a project and/or one or more members of staff. With this, we can conclude that a manager should be effective in the practice of understanding, developing and deploying people and their skills to achieve a desired result.

Characteristics of a good manager: have good leadership skills, practices proper time management, etc.

Interpersonal skills

These are skills we need every day to communicate with other people both individually or in groups.

Employers seek to hire staffs with strong interpersonal skills. They want an employee who has a good teamwork ability, and is able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers or clients.

Interpersonal skills are not only important in the workplace. People with good interpersonal skills are usually perceived as optimistic, calm, confident, and charismatic…This can benefit their personal and social lives.

Innovation and creativity

Creativity and innovation are two different things. You might come up with something creative, but it may not be innovative.

Most good employers look for potential employees that can bring creativity and innovation to the way things are done in the company in other to yield optimum results.


You are resilient if you can handle stress or a hard time effectively. Employers like people who don’t give up amidst difficulties or failures.

Technical/specialist skills

You need knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish mathematical, engineering, scientific or computer-related duties, as well as other specific tasks related to your career field.

Technical or specialist skills may be important depending on the field you work in.

IT skills

Top IT skills include:

Programming, help desk/technical support, Mobile applications and device management, project management etc.

Sales/marketing skills

It’s one thing to create a product, it’s another thing to sell or market that product. Employers love people that can market the company’s product or service to the right customers or consumers.

Client management skills

No business wants to lose its customers; therefore employers seek for employees with a great relationship or client management skill.

Other skills

Well, you can do the math “child”. Much said–happy working.

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Giovanni O.C Olakunori

Giovanni Chinecherem Olakunle Olakunori(commonly known as Giovanni Olakunori) is an aspiring data scientist at heart, business developer and educator with a deep interest in ancient philosophy, healthy living, and developing economies. He’s the founder of LarnEdu, a community that inspires and supports lifelong learning especially in underdeveloped nations. He currently lives in the UK after living in 4 other countries across Europe and Africa. You can read more about him or follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see his public posts about how much he loves hot Kenkey and Jolof rice.

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