Australian Scholarships For International Students 2015

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Scholarships for international students in Australia are offered by the Australian Government, education institutions, and some other public organizations.

This post contains a list of Australian scholarships still available for international students in 2015. It will be updated as time goes, so you might want to check again.

Australian Scholarship for international students offered by the Australian Government (2015).

Australia Awards

About Australia’s Award Scholarships

Australia’s Award Scholarships seeks to award the next generation of global leaders the opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia.
In 2014, more than $350 million was spent on 4,400 recipients of the Australian Award Scholarships.Australia Scholarships For International Students 2015 -study in Australia pic
Students from Indonesia, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea were the largest gainers of the Australian Award Scholarships in 2014.

Aim of the Australian Award Scholarships

The awards seeks to empower students to develop leadership potential and gain high-quality education in Australia and overseas.
Recipients are allowed to return to their country to make the needed impact.
This scholarship is meant to show Australia’s interest in providing education opportunities and to help improve the standard of living in developing countries.

Deadline: Applications for this scholarships are now open for citizens of eligible African countries. You can click here to know more about the Australia Award Scholarships.

Australian Scholarships for international students offered by institutions (2015).

Sydney Achievers International Scholarships.

Deadline: 15 January 2015

Level of scholarship: Bachelors or Master’s Degree

About the scholarship: Sydney Achievers International Scholarships are meant for international students who want to study at the University of Sydney in 2015.

The Sydney Achievers International scholarship is aimed at attracting, high achieving, and academically meritorious, international students to study at the University of Sydney while enjoying the Sydney experience.

Sydney Achievers International Scholarships Requirement for Undergraduate Applicants

Applicant must have a strong academic record, because the scholarship is based strictly on academic merit.

Sydney Achievers International Scholarships Requirement for Graduate Applicants

  • Graduate applicants must have completed the equivalent of an Australian Bachelor degree qualification or an equivalent.
  • Selection criteria.
  • Selection is based on Academic Merit.
  • Selection is based on actual results (academic and English language proficiency). Predicted grades would be accepted too.
  • Selection is handled by the Student Recruitment & Admissions Group, whose decision will be final.
  • Applicant must have an outstanding results based on the Australian grading system, as deemed by the University of Sydney.
  • Applicants who have not commenced/completed postgraduate studies.

Benefits for undergraduate and graduate students

  • AUD$10,000 each per annum,

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate and graduate applicants who meet the requirement.
  • Students completing Foundation Studies Programs offered by Australian or New Zealand universities.
  • Requirements for undergraduate students
  • Students who have not commenced/completed university studies.
  • Students who are not transferring with credit exemptions and/or advanced standing.

 How to apply?

Read more about this scholarship (application, etc) here.



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