13 Reasons Why Work Experience Is Important

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Work experience may be paid or unpaid. It may be for a short or long period. However, it is usually worth it. As a college or university student, having a relevant work experience is something you should definitely consider before you graduate. Even as a high school student or high school graduate seeking to proceed to the university or college, a relevant work experience could help in your college applications, or even landing a job in college.

job-work-fair imageSo here are some reasons a work experience is important:

Differentiation in an application pool

Whether it’s a university or job application pool, your work experience can set you apart from other candidates.

Better career decision

A high school student who has worked with a marketing firm would know what marketing involves. This would enable him or her to make a better decision as to whether to choose to study marketing as a degree choice in college.

Hands-on experience

Employers look for work experience in job applicants. They usually prefer people with an on-the-job experience, and not newbies.
For example, most people would hire a web developer who has had 10 projects to his name, than a web developer who just finished learning how to build websites. The web developer who has completed 10 projects would likely not make silly mistakes, unlike the developer with no projects to his name.

Opportunity to make the right connections

You never know who may help you to land a job in the future. Your previous employer or co-worker could be the right connection to land that job tomorrow.

Improves your confidence

It is usually tough for college or university students who have had no prior job experience to adjust to their work demands after they graduate. However, if you have had a previous work or job experience, you would be better off.

Opportunity for employment

The company or organization you work for may decide to employ you full-time if you impress them with your work.

Improves work or social skills

You would be better than most of your peers when working in teams, and more.

Understanding the world of corporate work

If you have had a previous work experience, you may not have problem adjusting to a corporate work environment when you land your first job after you graduate college or university.

New referee to add to CV (Curriculum Vitae)

If your previous employer was happy with your work, they would be willing to write a solid reference statement for you.

Opportunity to make improvements

Having a work experience gives you the opportunity to access your abilities and limitations. You would then be able to take better steps in preparation for the future.

Financial benefits

If you were working for pay, you would be able to pay your bills, save for your future, or even start a business.

Increases bargaining power or market value

You don’t expect a web developer who has had 10-40 projects to his name to charge lower than a programmer who is just starting up in that field.

Messi is highly valued because he did not start playing soccer today. His output on the field over the years has been extraordinary. This raised his value in the market.

Personal development

Work experience is another form of personal development or self-improvement, whereby you learn new skills and improve on old ones.



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  1. Ray Holder says:

    Thanks for this article – a comprehensive piece with good reasons for students to understand why work experience is important. It’s a bonus to have a degree and years of work experience. I believe one should have relevant work experience before considering a Master’s degree. Hence, work experience counts while applying for a job or seeking to process a college or university. I read another blog post on the same subject – read on for some great advice: http://www.porterchester.com/news-events/Hands-on-Experience-is-Your-Advantage

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