WASSCE / WAEC Integrated Science Syllabus

It’s important to read the information on this page, but if you want to download / view the WASSCE / WAEC Integrated Science Syllabus straight away, just click the link below:


Aims of the WAEC / WASSCE Integrated Science Syllabus

The WASSCE / WAEC Integrated Science Syllabus is designed to enable students to:

  1. Solve basic problems within his/her immediate environment through analysis and experimentation.
  2. Keep a proper balance of the diversity of the living and non-living things based on their interconnectedness and repeated patterns of change.
  3. Adopt sustainable habits for managing the natural environment for humankind and society.
  4. Use appliances and gadgets effectively with clear understanding of their basic principles and underlying operations.
  5. Explore, conserve and optimize the use of energy as an important resource for the living world.
  6. Adopt a scientific way of life based on pragmatic observation and investigation of phenomena.
  7. Search for solutions to the problems of life recognizing the interaction of science, technology and other disciplines.

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  1. Ross Wesley says:

    What she means is that,u didn’t provide the wassce examination scheme together with the detailed syllabus as you did for the other subjects

  2. Louisa says:

    Please we need the topic to learn on

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