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Brief Information About The WASSCE

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is a standardised test taken in West Africa, mostly by students who wish to proceed to the higher institution. It is administered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

It is only offered to candidates living in Anglophone West African countries namely: Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone and is written 3 times a year ( January/ February, May/June and Nov/Dec).

The WASSCE tests candidates according to the topics on the WAEC syllabus.

The contents in each WASSCE Food and Nutrition question paper (for a specific year) is usually similar from one country to another. Questions on the WASSCE Food and Nutrition theory section may be specified to be answered by candidates from a particular country and this happens mostly in the theory section.

A WASSCE question paper on a particular subject may be entirely cancelled and changed in a region when the West African Examination Council (WAEC) heading that region suspects a leakage of examination papers before the start of the exam.

Benefits Of Regular WAEC Food and Nutrition Past Questions Practise

Speed: Regular practise of WASSCE Food and Nutrition past questions can go a long way in increasing your speed on the WAEC Food and Nutrition exam day. It’s no secret that questions on the WASSCE for each subject are usually similar to questions in previous years since they’re from the same WAEC syllabus. WAEC also sometimes repeats questions  word-for-word.

Exposure: Regular practice exposes you to your weaknesses and gives you a chance to better yourself before the exam.

Decreases chances of anxiety: Regular and efficient practice improves your confidence before the exam.

These and many more are some beautiful benefits of practising WASSCE Food and Nutrition past questions.

So it’s important you make it a habit to practise with WASSCE past question papers. There’s no doubt that this would help you achieve the grades you desire on the WASSCE on the long run.

Don’t just focus only on the WAEC past questions we provide on this page. We also have other WASSCE related resources that will be of great help to you.

Below this section are the Food and Nutrition WASSCE past questions we have for now. Use them in accordance to the rules stated on this page and our Terms of Service.

Food and Nutrition WASSCE Past Questions Papers Section (Download As Pdf Files Or View Directly From Your Browser)

Food and Nutrition Objective(Note: This link has been disabled due to an error, but we will upload new files soon)2015Ng

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