WASSCE Core / General Mathematics Practice Test (Quiz)

While we offer the largest collection of WAEC past questions on the web, we decided it would be better to create a free WASSCE quiz page that’d test students in real time on various WASSCE subjects.

Questions in our WASSCE Mathematics quiz section have been carefully curated from WASSCE past questions and other helpful resources.

Quick Notes

  • For the WASSCE Math quiz, we used the dollar sign ($) when dealing with currencies to create a common standard that’d prevent confusion.
  • The answer for each question on this practice test will be shown after you’ve made your choice.
  • Don’t cheat during the test. You would only be deceiving yourself if you do, so be strict with yourself.
  • Not all questions on this practice test include hints.
  • Contact us if you experience any problem on the test.

WASSCE / WAEC Core / General Mathematics Practice Test

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13 Responses

  1. Saada says:

    Pls put the solutions under the test practise so we can correct our mistakes.

  2. Please, can you workout the solution to every question after selecting the answer. Thank you.

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