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WASSCE Past Papers Section This is a quick link to our WASSCE Past Papers and Answers section on this page. These papers are uploaded as pdf files and can be downloaded or viewed directly from your browser.
WASSCE Past Questions Online Quizzes Section Test your preparedness for the WASSCE by taking our WAEC past questions online quiz on various subjects and get real-time results.
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WASSCE Resources This page contains essential information on the WASSCE with links to every important WASSCE prep resource on LarnEdu including the links on this table.
WASSCE Syllabus This page contains WASSCE syllabus on virtually all subjects.
How To Pass The WASSCE This is a definitive guide with the most effective strategies on how to pass the WASSCE
Steps To Take If You Had A Poor WASSCE Result This is an article on what to do if your WASSCE result is poor including alternative options to get admitted to universities and more

Brief Information About The WASSCE

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is a standardised test taken in Anglophone West African countries, namely: Ghana, Liberia, Gambia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. It is administered by The West African Examination Council(WAEC) and is usually taken by students who wish to proceed to the University in their country or abroad.

The WASSCE is written 3 times a year ( January/February, May/June November/December) and tests candidates according to the topics on the WAEC syllabus.

The content in each WASSCE paper (for a specific subject and year) is usually the same from one Anglophone West African country to another. Questions on the WASSCE theory section may be specified to be answered by candidates from a particular country.

A WASSCE question paper on a particular subject may be entirely cancelled and changed in a region when the West African Examination Council (WAEC) heading that region suspects a leakage of examination papers before the start of the exam or for other reasons.

WAEC sets WASSCE questions following its guidelines on the WASSCE Syllabus. The WASSCE Syllabus is usually the same from one country to another so don’t worry if the paper is from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia or Gambia.

Are WAEC Past Questions Important?

Footballers, bodybuilders, teachers, doctors, etc., perform regular practise to improve in their profession. Therefore, students who wish to prepare for the WASSCE need to practise with actual questions that have been asked on the WASSCE.

The WASSCE / WAEC past questions on this page and other WASSCE prep materials on Larnedu are meant to help students achieve the grades of their dreams.

Key Benefits Of Regular WASSCE Practise

Speed: It’s no secret that there are almost no new/original question on the WASSCE as similar questions or exact-match have repeated throughout history. Therefore, regular practise of our WASSCE past questions makes you familiar with most question types hence making you faster on the exam day. This can give you enough time to review your work.

Exposure: Regular practise exposes you to your weaknesses and gives you a chance to improve before the exam.

Decreases chances of exam anxiety: Regular and efficient practise improves your confidence before the exam.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but an attitude of regular practise can go a long way in increasing your probability of passing the WASSCE in flying colours.

Students often cram before a test, but the research shows distributed practise, studying over many sessions, results in better long-term retention, the researchers write. And while most students see testing as an undesirable necessity of education, the fact is that testing also improves learning. Practice testing may work through a number of
mechanisms. When students retrieve target information, their related knowledge is activated. Practice testing may also help students organize

“One concern here is that students who do well in earlier grades, in which learning is largely supervised, may struggle later, when they are expected to regulate much of their own learning, such as in high school or college,” write the researchers. “Teaching students to use these techniques would not take much time away from teaching content and would likely be most beneficial if the use of the techniques was consistently taught
across multiple content areas, so that students could broadly experience their effects on learning and class grades.”


Good luck!

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