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Welcome to our free and fast word count tool page. This tool isĀ intended to help you meet the requirement or work within the word limit of a college or university admission essay (personal statement, motivation statement, statement of purpose, thesis statement etc), Curriculum vitae (CV), or any other form of text.

How to use our free word count tool

  • Paste your text inside the text-box below.
  • Click on calculate button on the right side of the text-box
[sc:JSWc ]

Tips for using our word count tool

Write your essay or text first before you paste it on our word count tool to calculate the number of characters. This would make it easier for you to know which words or sentences to add or remove from your text.

Why our word count tool is special

It’s fast, free and definitely saves time. You do not need to launch a word editor to count the characters of your text (personal statement, etc).

Character count for non-academic purposes

The main reason we included a character tool on our website is to meet the needs of students. However, this tool can be used for all other purposes that you might deem applicable.

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