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Welcome to our fast character count tool page. Our character count tool is meant to help you meet the requirement or work within the character limit of a college or university admission essay (personal statement, motivation statement, statement of purpose, thesis statement etc), Curriculum vitae (CV), or any other form of text.

How to use our free character count tool

  • Paste your text inside the text-box below.
  • Click on calculate button on the right side of the text-box-that easy. You are done!
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What you should know about Character counting

For computers, a character refers to a letter, number, or punctuation mark that can be shown on a screen, or printed. There are also some unseen characters, called control characters.

For example:
1,2,8 equals 7 characters.

2,30 equals 6 characters.

Note: Spaces are counted as one.

Tips for using our character count tool

Write your essay first before you paste it on our character count tool to calculate the number of characters. This would make it easier for you to know which words or sentences to add or remove from your text.

For example: A student who wants to apply to UK universities through UCAS would have to obey UCAS’s rule for personal statements. The maximum characters for a UCAS personal statement is about 4000. The minimum characters for a UCAS personal statement is about 1000. To achieve maximum results, It would be better to write you personal statement on a word or text file. This would make it easier to make corrections along the way. It would also enable you to easily stick to your main idea.

Why our Character count tool is special

It saves you time. It’s fast. You don not need to launch a program like Microsoft word when you need to count the characters of your text (personal statement, etc).

It is easier for a newbie to spot the word count of a text on Microsoft word. However he or she may experience difficulty finding the character count of his or her text. Our character count tool removes all the hustles of searching online for help on how to see character count on Microsoft word and more.

Character count for non-academic purposes

The main reason we included a character tool on our website is to meet the needs of students. However, this tool can be used for all other purposes that you deem applicable.



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