The Great Mystery: How To Organize Your Time In Order To Study And Work

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Many adults are going back to school while maintaining a full time job. There are also students who take on work while going to school. You have to be able to manage your time properly if you want to do well in both. Many students drop out of school because they simply cannot manage working and going to school. This need not be the case for you if you learn how to allocate your time. Here are some simple ways to manage your time if you want to be successful.

Plan ahead

Know what to expect when you take on extra work, and sit with your planner. Do not commit to anything until you know how you can plan your time. You cannot always do it all and at some point you might have to say no. If after your schedule, you realize you are able to manage both, go ahead and add your tasks and allocate a set time to it. You are going to have to stick to your set time if there are other tasks waiting. Also, work in preparation for unexpected events. There is always something that comes up when you don’t have time, so be prepared and allow for these events in your schedule.

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Make a list of what needs to be done within your day and start prioritizing your important tasks. If you have an exam coming up soon, allocate enough time to your exam instead of working extra hours that week. This way, you are still earning money, but also prioritizing your studies for the time before your exam. If you are trying to juggle both work and school at a specific time, divide your time equally. It is crucial that you know what is going to happen next. Ask your professor and employer of any events for the next month, and schedule more time for those.


We waste a lot of time being focused on the wrong things, and that time can never be recovered again. Do not let distractions get the better of you. When you sit with an important task, let that be all you do within that space. If you have an essay to write, you might have your grammar check app open, but there is no reason to have any social media apps available for browsing.  There are many distractions in our lives, and digital distractions are always a problem. Block websites and apps you usually lose a lot of time on during work and school. Remain focused at all times to prevent missing important information.


You have to learn to delegate some tasks if you want to do it all. Let’s say you are a professional letter writer. You then have the option to hire a professional letter writing service to help out in times when you have classes or tests. Have a backup plan in the event of clashes in your schedule. Ask friends or family members to help research some information for you if you are busy. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or entrusting people with tasks. Trying to be a superhero and doing more than you can handle will only leave you burned out and unfit to complete important tasks.


There are moments when your busy schedule takes its toll on your body and you need to rest. Make sure you get enough sleep at the end of your day to be able to manage all that’s on your plate. Take some time to look after your health and wellness. A good night’s sleep is very important for anyone, whether your day is busy or not. You will not be able to function optimally without rest. Rest is very important for your general health, because if you get sick, there is no way you can complete your work properly. Allow your body and brain to recover by giving yourself some time to unwind.


It really is no joke trying to balance your life, but it is doable. You might have to say no to certain tasks and prioritize everything that will have a positive impact on your life. There are many people going through the same things right now, but the successful ones are managing their time well. You will eliminate most of your stress with proper time management and a schedule or planner. When you set time aside to do certain things, be sure to stick to it as far as possible. This will help you achieve all your goals without the frustration that comes with managing work and school.

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