SATs and Internationals—What you Should Know

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Knowledge knows no boarders, and educational opportunities can await you across any international line. While the prospect of an American school may seem exciting and glamorous, the competition to be accepted spreads across the globe. Therefore, it is crucial that international students not only highlight what they can offer campus life, but to score extremely well on the SATs.

SAT exams

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If you are thinking about enrolling in US University or College, you need to consider a few things when it comes to your SAT scores.

The New SAT

The newly designed SAT’s have gone to great lengths to consider international test takers. While the entire test is geared toward testing student’s college and career readiness, there was feedback with regard to making the exam relevant to international students as well. The test creators (College Board) worked with several admissions counselors from across the US to get their input on international programs across the country. One thing students can expect to see on the exam is founding documents or literature that these founding documents inspired. While their historical significance will not be assessed, test creators felt it was important for students to read them so that they could be evaluated on their content.

Testing Programs

If you live outside the US, you should contact an international testing representative before you even begin thinking about taking the SAT’s. These programs are located in your home country, and they will help you find a place to take the test as well as assist you with registration and payment.

If you have already taken your SAT’s, you will need some help applying to colleges and universities in the United States with your international scores. One thing that is extremely important for you to remember is to use the correct university code when sending your scores.

Logistics aside, SAT preparation as well as application assistance is available from the United States Department of State. The United States Department of State offers advising centers across the globe that can assist you with instructing services, test preparation, English courses, and much more. Capitalizing on these opportunities will certainly help you increase your chances of acceptance to a university of your liking.

If you are an international student who already lives in the United States, you should also reach out to local and private testing preparation agencies to help you prepare for the SAT’s. Tutors are available for help in many subjects, and they can help you prepare for the SAT’s so that you can enroll in college. Additionally, many of these agencies offer application assistance as well.

Acceptance to College

Utilizing a resource that understands how admissions officers work can increase your odds of showcasing what you have to offer universities. Many times, schools are looking to expand their international populations as well as bring cultural awareness to campus. Showcasing your diverse background can drastically increase your chances of acceptance to college, and working with a private agency that knows what schools are looking for outside of the basic red tape, will drastically increase your odds of acceptance.

Global competition will make it challenging to merit a place on a university campus, but with the right preparation, you can certainly earn yourself a seat in the front of a US college classroom.

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