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Calculating you Grade Point Average (GPA) shouldn’t be a problem.

With our GPA calculator you’d be able to calculate your GPA in no time. Also, we’d  show you how to calculate your GPA manually on this page.

How to calculate your GPA automatically (with our GPA calculator)

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How to calculate your GPA manually

It is essential you know how to calculate your GPA manually and I’d show you right away.

Step 1: You should know the grade points assigned to every grade you achieved.
Step 2: You should know the credits hours for every specific course you took.
Consider the table below for a Mechanical Engineering student:

Subject or  Course nameCredit HoursLetter GradeGrade Points
Subject / Course 14A4
Subject / Course 25A-3.70
Subject  / Course 33B+3.30
Subject / Course 43B3.00
Subject / Course 52B-2.70
Subject / Course 61C+2.3


The calculation

To calculate the GPA of the student with the result above. You should follow the steps below:

Grade Point Average (GPA) formula=  Total Credit Hours * Total Grade Points
Total Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours * Total grade points = 4 * A (4) +5 * A- (3.70) + 3 * B+ (3.30) + 3 * B (3.00) + 2 * B- (2.70) + 1 * C+(2.3)
= 16 + 18.5 + 9.9 +9 +5.4 +2.3
=61.1 grade points

Can the students GPA be 61.1? Absolutely not.

We need to calculate the total credit hours according to the GPA formula above.

Total credit hours = 4 +5 +3+ 3 +2 +1 = 18 hours.

Therefore, the students GPA (Grade point Average) = 61.1 / 18

= 3.39 ( to 2 decimal places)


As you can see from the table and results, an A in a 4-unit course is stronger than an A in a 1-unit course.


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