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Welcome to our 2019/2020 JAMB syllabus page where we share with you the latest approved syllabus to help you ace your JAMB exams once. If you have read our article, “Definitive Guide: How To pass JAMB examinations Once,” you will remember that studying with the guidance of the JAMB syllabus is one rule that will help you pass your Jamb examinations. So, we have painstakingly uploaded the JAMB syllabus for various subjects. It will be in your best interest to download or view them directly from your browser.

The best part is that the 2019/2020 JAMB syllabus for different subjects uploaded here is free and with no hidden costs. We believe that education is the key to self-actualisation and have committed ourselves to ensure that we inspire and support every student out there who has made it a life goal to climb the education ladder.

Perhaps you have questions, or you find the Jamb syllabus too complex, use the comment section at the end of this page, and you will receive a detailed answer. 

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Jamb Syllabus Section

In this section, you’ll find the syllabus of every subject Jamb offers. Click on your preferred subject to download the syllabus to your mobile phones, laptops/desktops or view it directly from your browser. They are in PDF formats, so you need to ensure your device has a PDF viewer to enable you to download and view them.

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Is It Necessary To Have The JAMB Syllabus?

There is the tendency of students not having a second look at the Jamb syllabus while studying for their examinations which is wrong and must get corrected. The syllabus is as important as your scheme of work you write at the beginning of each term in school. 

If you have been observant, the scheme of work helps you know where the teacher gets the questions for your tests and examinations. It also shows you the pattern he or she takes when setting questions. Some might choose a topic from the beginning of the term while others concentrate on the ending.

The Jamb syllabus will not only show you the topics The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board(JAMB) expects you to cover prior to the exam, but it will also give you an idea of the pattern it uses when setting questions. With the syllabus, you don’t get to burn your energy reading a full textbook and discovering later that only one question came from it. Rather, you can read all the topics needed to excel in your exams by using the syllabus. You can also use the syllabus as a guide in choosing which textbooks or materials to purchase to prepare for the exam.

An international student can use the Jamb syllabus to prepare for the examinations as there is a possibility he or she is not conversant with topics treated in Nigeria but will need to pass the Jamb examinations to get into a Nigerian University.

Understanding The JAMB Syllabus

If you have not used a syllabus before, you might find it difficult to understand using the JAMB syllabus, but that is why we are here to help. When you have downloaded and opened the syllabus of the subject you need, the first thing you will see is the “General Objective,” which summarises what they expect you to know at the end of the syllabus. Then when you scroll down, you will see the “Detailed Syllabus” which has two sections. The topics, contents, and notes are on the left-hand side, while the objectives are on the right.

It is important to pay more attention to the objectives on the right because it guides you through what they expect you to know at the end of each topic. Using the topics/content/notes when reading is almost the same as reading the entire textbooks, so you need to use the objectives where it says “Candidates should be able to” as a guide.

What You Will Learn From The Subjects In The Jamb Syllabus

Here we will look at some subjects Jamb offers to have a brief idea about what you’re expected to cover prior to the exam. Concentrate on your subject choices to understand what you need to know about them before downloading or viewing their syllabuses.

Use Of English

The syllabus identifies different topics that help you communicate both in oral and written English language. You see that there are two sections which are comprehension/summary and Lexis/structure/oral forms.


The syllabus will prepare students to know the fundamental principles, terminologies and the elements of art. You will need to know art histories such as Egyptian and Nigerian art. It is also important to know how to use and maintain materials, tools, and equipment of arts. Finally, know the place of arts in society. You will find out more about this subject in the syllabus.


Every student knows that Biology is a voluminous subject and one reason a Jamb syllabus is important. With the help of the syllabus, you will learn the concepts of interdependence, the unity of life and the continuity of life. It also exposes you to concepts to everyday life which includes issues that affect individuals, the environment, and lots more.


Note that there will be no chemistry practical like your WASSCE. Here, you are only learning about theories such as how to apply the principles of scientific methods in new situations, how to interpret data and apply the knowledge of chemistry to everyday life. You will also learn about the relationship between chemistry and other sciences.


Here you will learn how to sustain your interest in physics while developing attitudes relevant to the subject which includes objectivity, accuracy, and precision. You will also learn how to interpret concepts, physical laws, and other theories. There are also physic problems which they expect you to solve using the concept and theories.


Mathematics syllabus expects you to understand logical and formal reasoning and teach you how to use mathematical concepts in your daily life. There are five mathematics sections in the syllabus which are Number and numeration, algebra, geometry/trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.


The syllabus highlights topics that help students understand the principles and functions of language while appreciating the various genres of literature and the accompanying literary works.


This subject is for students who wish to study social or management sciences at the University. The syllabus picks out topics that deal with the basic concepts and principles of commerce and applying the principles in Nigeria. It also borders on topics that reflect the modern and positive changes in commercial activities.

Principles Of Account

The syllabus identifies topics you need to be conversant with such as the basic knowledge of accounting and the practical skills, interpreting accounting information for decision making, and other topics you’ll find in the syllabus.


For students hoping to gain admission to study music, this is one of the key subjects they’ll need. Jamb has chosen topics such as knowing the features of music in African and Western history, social-cultural influence on the lives of musicians and how it affected their music.

Find out about more about the topics of these subjects and others in the 2019 Jamb Syllabus section below.

Approved 2019 JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects

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