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Larnedu is the most extensive independent WASSCE resource on the web inspiring and supporting learning. We’ve been in the business of providing the best free WASSCE resources since 2013 thereby helping thousands of students prepare for the WASSCE.

We’ve made a strong commitment to upholding the standard we have kept, and that’s why we need your help in growing our WASSCE past question papers collection. The best part is we’re willing to reward you for your effort and time handsomely. 


Option 1: For those feeling charitable (credits would be given on the past paper or on our webpage depending on your choice or our obligation. 

Option 2: For those who want to be paid for their time an effort.

Reward Terms For Option 2

  • $1.2 per paper(assuming this includes multiple choice and theory section).
  • $0.7 per multiple choice paper
  • $0.5 per theory choice paper
  • $0.5 per practical paper

Can I Use A Phone Or Tablet To Scan Documents?

This is acceptable and recommended by us because we find it the easiest, cheapest, fastest and most accessible method for the average student(with a smartphone) to scan WASSCE past papers.

Steps: Use your phone or tablet to take pictures of every page and paste them in order on Microsoft Word before sending it to us. Some apps can help you with this process. 

Quick Notes

  • The past paper should be original.
  • Priority is given to more recent papers(10-15 years).
  • Payments are usually made through Paypal, Azimo or local transfer. 
  • Minimum payments for transfers made through Azimo: $12

How Do I Make My Submission?

Fill the form below, and we would get back to you if you’re qualified.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestions.

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