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Simply put: This personal statement guide is going to show you how to write a good personal statement—if you do not know how to. Whether you are from USA, Netherlands, Germany, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, etc—it doesn’t matter. The rules, tips and examples on this personal statement guide would help you to write a good personal statement that will boost your university / college application.

To write an effective/good personal statement, you have to be able to define the core meaning of a personal statement.

Many things to write—which one is best?

There are probably many things to write about you in your personal statement—but how do you know which one is best?

How do you hit the jackpot when writing a personal statement?

You can only hit the jackpot if your personal statement is good enough.

How to write a good personal statement

You can’t write a good personal statement if you can’t answer this simple question to the core:

What is a Personal statement?

Still thinking?

Well, a personal statement is one of the most important part of your college/university application. It is what differentiates you from the crowd in a university/college admission pool.

Your personal statement is a chance for the admission officers to get to know the real you. They want to know something that you did not indicate in your resume / CV. They want to know something that may convince them to admit you into their university/faculty.

They want to see that special thing in you that could be of greater good to a community/society.

They want to know whether you have a transferable skill.

They want to know whether you have a good team work spirit.

And so forth…

Writing a personal statement shouldn’t be a dreadful task

Writing a personal statement should not make you panic. You are an interesting person, and your personal statement should show just that. Therefore, be yourself.

Just remember — at the end — it’s about you. Your background, goals, views, etc…

You may be limited in the number of words or characters for your personal statement (Eg: UCAS personal statements), which is both good and bad. However, that should not bother you; at least, you have been given a chance to sell yourself to a University/college/faculty admission office.

Personal statement introduction examples

You can read the personal statement introduction examples. It contains personal statement introduction examples that have gotten people accepted to the best universities/colleges in the world—some even on full scholarships.

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