6 Ways: How to Upgrade Your WASSCE / WAEC Result

I understand how you’re feeling right now. I get it: It upseting to fail the WASSCE / WAEC examination… or let me put it this way: It sucks to achieve a WASSCE / WAEC result that is below your expectation (this is technically failure).

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It could destroy your chances of making it to the university, college, or institution of your choice this year.

It could make you to stay at home while your colleagues proceed to the higher institution.

It could make you be considered a sore loser.

It could lead to depression.

I could go on and on.

No sane person likes failure. That’s why anyone in the pit of failure tries to get out as soon as possible. Well, except those that have given up on chasing success. The steps we take to overcome failure can be classified as good, bad or stupid.

Some people are proud to take the good step, even though it requires legit hard work, diligence, perseverance, motivation, etc. However, most people are desperate to escape the chains of failure that they don’t think twice about taking the bad or stupid step.

It’s normal for any student who’s failed or achieved a poor WASSCE / WAEC result to think of ways to upgrade his or her WASSCE / WAEC result.

Disclaimer: Some of the tips mentioned in this article are just speculations.

Good ways to upgrade your WASSCE / WAEC result

There are 3 good ways to do upgrade your WASSCE / WAEC result if you find it undesirable:

#1. Rewriting the WASSCE / WAEC exam

You have to be prepared to ace the WASSCE / WAEC exam this time.

You can register to write the WASSCE / WAEC exam as a private candidate (Nov / Dec).

Here’s a solid article on steps to take if you achieved a poor WASSCE / WAEC result.

#2. Getting your papers remarked

I’ve seen students who had their WASSCE / WAEC result upgraded after they had their papers remarked by WAEC examiners. In fact, I had B2 in Core / General Mathematics, and I was very sure I deserved an A. I wanted to have my Core / General Mathematics WASSCE paper remarked. However, my mum discouraged me.

The truth is:

The teachers who mark WAEC or WASSCE papers are not perfect. They can make mistakes. They can input the wrong grades for you.

If you are very sure you deserve an A in a subject, meanwhile your WASSCE / WAEC result shows you got a C, you can have that paper remarked.

Note: You will have to pay extra cash to have your papers remarked. Also, some sources say you may be penalized if the marker didn’t make a mistake in grading your paper as you allege.

#3. Getting your results cross-checked by WAEC officials

The guys who are responsible for inputting your WASSCE grades to the computerised database of WAEC are not perfect. They can make mistakes, and thus input the wrong grade for you. This can sometimes be disastrous.

If you believe your WASSCE / WAEC grades do not reflect your actual effort on the exam, you can have it crosschecked.

For example:

I once heard the story of a student who received an A in a subject he was sure he didn’t even deserve a D. As a Christian, he gave the testimony in church, and everyone clapped.

A miracle? Well that’s to the boy.

However, if I were to investigate the situation above, I’d consider probing the IT personnel responsible for uploading WASSCE / WAEC results to the official website.

Bad ways to upgrade your WASSCE / WAEC result

Note: The information you’re about to read is only for educative purposes. I don’t in any way support or recommend anyone to try them.

#4. Hacking the WAEC website of your region

Hackers have succeeded in infiltrating sites like Facebook, Ebay, and many other sites with larger security infrastructures. Hacking the WAEC website for your region shouldn’t be any harder.
However, it’s not an easy task. Except you’re a super hacker, you’d probably go through hell in hiring a killer hacker who’d be willing to hack WAEC’s website and inject a false result for you.

Note: I don’t support this in anyway; it’s plain wrong. Besides, if you’re caught, you could face criminal charges.

#5. Have an insider to upgrade your WASSCE / WAEC result

There are people in Liberia, The Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leona who’re responsible for inputting, uploading, or upgrading WASSCE / WAEC results to WAEC’s official site.

If you’re able to get one to do your hideous job, your luck. However, I repeat, it’s not right. Besides, if you’re caught, you could face criminal charges.

#6. Upgrading your WASSCE / WAEC through forgery

It’s not new:

People forge WASSCE / WAEC results. This is now easier with the advanced set of computer technologies that are prevalent today.

However, your forged WASSCE / WAEC result would never be the same as the real one on the WAEC result database. Therefore, you could easily be caught in any WASSCE / WAEC result verification process.


The best way to upgrade your result is to follow the good ways I’ve already talked about.

Good luck!

Giovanni O.C Olakunori

Giovanni is an entrepreneur at heart with a lifelong desire to be of valuable service. He started LarnEDU—during his teens— over 6 years ago as a way to provide free educational resources for students from West African Anglophone countries. LarnEDU’s focus expanded over the years and today the website has served millions of visitors from over 90 countries across 5 continents and has become a hub to encourage learning. His hobbies include weight training, running python codes, visiting nature, and creating content for the web on areas relating to fitness, enterprise, philosophy and education. Feel free to read more about his story here and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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  1. Emma says:

    I would like to thanks Mr adebola, who helped me with my waec gce exam, I have written so many exam but I failed,maths was my usual problem ,untill a friend of mine introduced me to his uncle a high ranking waec officer who walks in exams and record before three days to the glory of God my results was upgraded for free,,, bellow is the number to called +2349063955468 ,if you are lucky you would share the good news like am currently doing

  2. I had already paid 700gh to scamers
    I regret of doing so

  3. Nkrumah says:

    Lol. Scammers can’t upgrade your result. They’d just run with your money

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