Elizabeth Holmes –The Revolutionary Billionaire College Dropout

Elizabeth HolmesElizabeth Holmes is an exceptional member of the new-edition of the Forbes billionaire list. Elizabeth Holmes is worth $4.5 billion at just 30 years old. Although her success story is a risky one, it could be inspiring to those who do not see the need of going to college.
Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford University in her sophomore year in 2003, as a chemical engineering student, and used her tuition money to establish her company.

Elizabeth Holmes reportedly “labored in secret” for almost a decade while developing a revolutionary new blood-testing technology. She took her findings public in 2003 and founded Theranos. Theranos has announced partnerships with Walgreens and other major drugstores in the US to bring the new type of blood testing to consumers.

Why her technology can be considered revolutionary

Elizabeth Holmes technology calls only for a single finger-prick and a very small amount of blood for medical testing. This is unlike the usual method that involves vials and injections. The finger-prick is said to be painless. Also, Theranos’ testing methods are only a fraction of the cost of commercial labs in US.

One doesn’t need to be at the doctor’s office to take a blood test. If Theranos is successful, which it seems like, it could totally revolutionize a whole industry.

What do you guys think about Theranos, Elizabeth Homes,  or her decision to drop out from college?

Giovanni Olakunori

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3 Responses

  1. Rakwa says:

    If she’d give me just 1 little milli from the shit load of money she has-I’m made.

  2. Emeka says:

    I hate stories like this because it gives underachievers an excuses to drop out, which is usually not good for them…

  3. John says:

    Why are so many successful people (billionaires) also college dropouts?

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