10 Signs You Need A Copywriter

Copywriting is an essential part of the sales and marketing of a company. It incorporates all the content that is needed to keep a business running.

Hiring a copywriter gives you more time to focus on other important aspect of your business, leaving you more room to be more productive (for example, even this article was written by a Larnedu copywriter). Let’s take a look at why you should hire a copywriter for your business.

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Copywriting stays at the bottom of your to-do list

You know what you want to say. But somehow, that new website copywriting or the case study you’ve been meaning to write for weeks still sits at the bottom of your to do list.

You don’t have enough sales and leads

This is most likely because you aren’t producing enough content to drive your audience back to your site. And most often, you have great content ideas, but just don’t have the time to write and implement this in writing.

You are not connecting with the right prospects

Oftentimes, your brand’s voice needs to be more consistent, clear, and further developed. A copywriter, who works with you consistently, can achieve this strong voice for you.

Your email campaigns are not producing income

Are you making sales from your email marketing? If not, it could be that you haven’t thought through the entire strategy, you aren’t speaking in the language of your audience, or you are just too busy to send the emails out regularly, at strategic points.

You accept that you don’t enjoy writing, or it doesn’t come naturally

It’s not a sin! You probably thrive on sales, HR or finance instead. We can’t all be experts at everything; that’s why you outsource website design, accountancy, recruitment and other business roles. So hire a specialist copywriter today and allow yourself more free time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

You wish you could afford an in-house copywriter

Do you often wish for the convenience of an in-house copywriter without the overhead when business isn’t so busy? What’s the solution? It’s obvious: hire a creative copywriter when you need one…

Grammar Issues

Not everyone is skilled with grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and that’s okay. However, when you are writing a web content, you want to make sure every aspect of your copy is perfect for the big Google machine. You will know if you are a strong writer or not, and it is a good idea to make sure you hire a copywriter if you are certain you wouldn’t be able to write quality contents.

Use a Copywriter to get Social

Being social is yet another vital aspect to any online presence, and in this guide (please link to in-bound marketing), you can see just how important it is to your SEO.

You don’t have time to write and develop all your wonderful ideas

Your days are busy with client calls, networking, and everyday life. A copywriter can take the bulk of the writing for your business off your shoulders -so you can do what you do best – work with your clients!

Copywriters can help you generate organic traffic and bring in sales

Organic traffic is something we would all prefer to have instead of needing to pay a lot for ads. While ads are still an important aspect of any online presence, if you generate more organic traffic, you will find that you are likely to have more legitimate customers. In fact, organic traffic can lead to quick sales, as well as helping you keep the clients you bring in.

Closing words…

A copywriter can help you create a perfect presence by creating engaging and epic contents, that drive clicks and interaction with clients. If you hire a copywriter, you will begin to notice that you have more interaction with your clients, which will help you when it comes to word of mouth marketing.

Giovanni Olakunori

Giovanni is the founder of LarnEdu, a community aimed at inspiring knowledge and development by creating a safe-space for freethought and learning. He was responsible for growing LarnEdu’s traffic from about 25.000 visitors per month in 2014 to over 50,000 unique visitors per month in 2016 without spending a dime on ads. He usually starts his day by making his bed, lifting heavy weights, swimming and meditating in a sauna. You can read more about him or connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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