A free online high school is a program that allows students to study through the internet(with the help of a pc, iphone,ipad etc) without paying for tuition. Free online high schools offers distance learning to students for a zero pay. Free online high schools are considered public schools. In some states in the US, they may be run by the state’s department of education. In other states, free online high schools are administrated by local school districts or by private organizations that receive permission by forming charter schools.

Free online high schools award legitimate diplomas that are the same as diplomas from traditional brick-and-mortar schools. However, many free online high schools are new and should be properly accredited.

Whenever a new school (traditional or virtual) begins accepting students for enrollment, it must go through an accreditation process to prove that it offers a high quality education.

The process of seeking for  accreditation by a free online high school can take some time and a school is not guaranteed to receive accreditation.

Before enrolling to any free online high school, you should check for the school’s accreditation status here (Council of Higher Education Accreditation) . If the school is not accredited, you may encounter trouble transferring to another program or having your credits accepted by a college after graduation.

List of Accredited Online High Schools:

  1. ConnectionAcademy(International)
  2. InsightSchools
  3. Primavera Online High School

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