WASSCE / WAEC Core / General Mathematics Practice Test

Welcome to our WASSCE / WAEC practice test / quiz page for Core / General Mathematics.

This practice test contains almost 100 questions gotten from different sources, such as:

…and more.

The questions in this practice test, assess you in different areas. Virtually on every topic of the WASSCE / WAEC Core Mathematics Syllabus.

Get ready to face tough, tricky and key questions you should note.

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Before the you take the practice test…take note:

  • You would need your calculator and a sheet of paper to do your rough work when taking this test.
  • The answer for each question on this practice test will be shown after you’ve made your choice.
  • Don’t cheat. You would only be deceiving yourself if you do so.
  • Not all questions on this practice test include hints.
  • Questions on this practice test would be updated regularly if need be. Precisely, every 2-6 days.
  • Contact us if you experience any problem on the test.

WASSCE / WAEC Core / General Mathematics practice test / quiz

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5 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    The start button isn’t functioning

  2. Addo Selorm says:

    These questions are greatly improving my math skills

    • Giovanni says:

      That’s the main aim. We’re very glad to hear that Addo. You can share this math practice / quiz test with your friends. Keep practicing…

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