Practice Tests / Quizzes For WASSCE / WAEC Exam

Welcome to our WASSCE / WAEC exam practice tests / quizzes page. In this page, you would have access to practice tests / quizzes for different subjects tested on the WASSCE / WAEC exam.

Our practice tests / quizzes give you the opportunity to test your skills prior to the WASSCE / WAEC exam. You would be timed accordingly. You would be hit with tough, tricky and simple questions respectively. But face these with courage, because these questions test you on virtually every topic on the WAEC syllabus for a particular subject.

Our practice tests / quizzes set you on the path to pass the WASSCE like a boss.


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Note: We currently have the largest collections of the following on the web:

So you may want to check those out.


We are constantly working on providing more resources and materials to  help students ace the WASSCE / WAEC examination.

Why this page?

We figured a simplified web app where students can take WASSCE / WAEC quizzes / practice tests on different subjects, and be graded instantly would be great.

We saw the benefits a WASSCE / WAEC practice tests page could bring, not just to students, but to us.Therefore, we decided to launch this page.


Our practice tests can help you in similar exams

These exams include:

  • SAT
  • NECO

This is possible because most of these exams share similar syllabus as that of the WASSCE.




Sources of questions on our practice tests / quizzes

Questions in our practice tests are from various solid sources. These include:

These exams share similar syllabus.This why hardworking students from schools that prepare its students for the WASSCE end up scoring good scores on the SAT, Jamb CBT, NECO, etc.


How our practice tests / quizzes can help you

Practice tests are, in fact, awesome in helping students prepare for exams.

Even science supports this. Here’s a proof:

Students often cram before a test, but the research shows distributed practice, studying over many sessions, results in better long-term retention, the researchers write. And, while most students see testing as an undesirable necessity of education, the fact is that testing also improves learning. Practice testing may work through a number of mechanisms. When students retrieve target information their related knowledge is activated. Practice testing may also help students organize information.“One concern here is that students who do well in earlier grades, in which learning is largely supervised, may struggle later, when they are expected to regulate much of their own learning, such as in high school or college,” write the researchers.“Teaching students to use these techniques would not take much time away from teaching content and would likely be most beneficial if the use of the techniques was consistently taught across multiple content areas, so that students could broadly experience their effects on learning and class grades.”–Source:



  • The WASSCE / WAEC exam is written by students from Anglophone West African countries who want to proceed to higher education. These countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
  • WASSCE / WAEC results are widely recognized than JAMB or NECO results.
  • The JAMB and / NECO are usually written by students in Nigeria who want to proceed to higher education in Nigeria.
  • The SAT Syllabus for different subjects is similar to the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus for different subjects.
  • More questions will be added for different subjects as time goes on.
  • Not all questions on our practice tests include hints. However, if you have any problem with an answer or question, contact us or use the comment section to make your point.
  • More practice tests for different subjects would be added.
  • Currently, we only have practice tests for only WASSCE / WAEC Mathematics and WASSCE / WAEC English Language.
  • We are working on adding more practice tests for different subjects. However, Mathematics and English is the 2 most crucial subjects every student who’s writing the WASSCE must ace in other to be admitted into most higher institutions. Therefore, we decided they must be the first ones we launch in our practice tests / quizzes page.


WASSCE / WAEC practice tests / quizzes by subject

 This page was last updated on the 10th of April 2016

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