About Us

Larnedu is mainly education and career focused site that is aimed at providing useful resources and tools to the homeschooled or self schooled, high school student, undergraduate,  and even professional.

Larnedu was initially  focused on visitors from Anglophone African countries but today it receives over 50,000 unique visitors from over 120 countries.

Larnedu.com was registered on the 26th of december 2012 by Giovanni Olakunori who just graduated high school that year. He wanted to build a site to provide as much information that would be valuable to high school students, college students as well as college graduates and those who couldn’t afford a brick and mortar institution.
Giovanni spent sleepless nights developing Larnedu over the years and even while the site made no revenue, he got a sense of fulfillment from the impact he made in people’s lives through the website.

Content on the site

We provide top-class infomation and materials in the following areas:




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