16 Best Reasons To Study In Finland

Giovanni O.C Olakunori

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7 Responses

  1. Edward James says:

    They have the best educational system in the world, good.

  2. clemens Budraz says:

    Thanks for this information. Id apply for the 2016 in take.

  3. Eric gyamfi says:

    Hello Giovanni I Am very delighted about what ever I have read I was searching for studying abroad until I came across this article.It’s definitely the best, but my worry is working.. is there any working opportunities in Finland You self accommodation I should gave something little to support

    • Giovanni O.J Chi Olakunori says:

      Yes. Definitely yes, but the truth is that…You may have to do an extra digging to get a good paying job… Some of the students I know studying in Finland actually work and make some meaningful income…

  4. yinka pratt says:

    I’d love to study in finland,what are the requirement?

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