How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection is part of life; everyone would face it. Any successful person that tells you he or she has not faced rejection at some point in their life is not telling you the truth.

No one likes to be rejected, but we can’t always control our outcomes in life. However, we can only manage it when it hits us.


I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.
–Sylvester Stallone

Here’s how to deal with rejection:

Know that everyone gets rejected

As I said before, any successful person who tells you he or she has not failed rejection is not telling you the truth.

Dont take things hard on yourself

Not every rejection is your fault, but even if it was your fault–it does not mean you should deprive yourself of food or hate yourself. You should know this: You create your experience.

You can decide to be angry, hate yourself, and kill yourself… Or move on in good faith. Winners don’t quit.

Think positively

When rejections come, think, dream and work towards success. I know this can be hard, but just try it–things would be better for you.

Listen to the rejection carefully

The truth is that you may have been the cause of your rejection. Maybe you failed to provide a detail in your admission application… maybe you applied at the wrong time for a job position. All the same, access your rejection and ask yourself these questions:

  • What caused me to be rejected?
  • Do I have a second chance?
  • What would I do different the next time?
  • What is the way forward?

Have confidence in yourself

You were rejected, but that does not mean you are worthless. It does not mean the other person who was accepted is better than you. It is just the way things turned out, therefore your confidence should still be intact.

Try again

If it’s what you really want–seek for ways to achieve it. Do not settle for less.


Giovanni Olakunori is a certified Inbound Marketing professional with over 4 years of experience as well as Mechanical Engineering and Management student at Edinburgh University. He's a fitness enthusiast and loves to practice meditation every evening. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ , Twitter, and LinkedIn to follow his public posts.

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  1. Great words of encouragement Gio, keep it up!

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